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Another "I'm new, help me" post.

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  • Another "I'm new, help me" post.

    Hi everyone,

    Hopefully this isn't too annoying, I see that a lot of newbies request help, but I promise to read whatever you tell me
    I've been an off and on reader of MDA for awhile, still haven't read the book yet, but I am interested in getting my husband and I healthier. I am 23, 5'4", 145 pounds, would like to lose some weight and feel better. I've struggled with GI problems for a couple of years now. I'm just looking for some info on how to start this whole thing. I feel like this is a sea of information that I'm drowning in at this point. I have myfitnesspal on my phone which I am planning on using to track carbs, but a big concern I have is breakfast. My husband usually makes up an english muffin with sausage and egg most days, and I'll opt for oatmeal or something. I'm nervous because eggs just make me want to gag most of the time, so I am not sure what else to make here. Any ideas? I'm open to all tips and suggestions. Thanks in advance!


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    When I started on this I was making coconut loaf and having that for breakfast if I didn't have time to cook bacon and eggs but now I basically only have fruit or bacon and eggs for breakfast. I'm a big fan of bananas, I find them to be an excellent breakfast food. Some would avoid that due to the carbs, but I use a generous amounts of natural carbs - just my own personal preference. The other option is not to have breakfast. I know that seems like heresy, people say 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day' etc, but on this diet, you end up eating when your hungry, and sometimes in the morning I'm not. In fact my ideal first meal time is mid morning, although of course this isn't always possible.
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      Hi, I'm new.

      Hope to learn something from you guys.


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        everything you need in one handy click

        and you don't have to eat eggs for breakfast, you can have pretty much anything. i've seen examples ranging from fruit salad including avocado to leftovers from the night before
        yeah you are

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          Ignore pretty much everything you read here in the forum. You don't have to read the book. Just read Mark's posts and ignore ones by the rest of us until you understand the basics. Good luck on Primal!
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