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This is the life for me!

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  • This is the life for me!

    First time on this forum - in fact first time I have posted on any forum.

    I Started low carb eating early last year and by the end of 2012 had lost nearly 30Lbs. I am 52 years old and had been struggling with my weight for probably 20 years or more. What amazed me was the pace at which the weight fell off - but so many people thought me mad to eat so few carbs and just kept asking where I thought I would get my energy from.

    For me the beauty of this approach is not only the logic behind it, but it's simplicity. It gives me very clear parameters to follow, which is quite frankly what I needed, and I do not have to count calories or follow very complex recipes that change from day to day.

    My only very slight concern has been that my cholesterol levels have gone from 4.3 to 5.8. This does not in fact detract me from primal living at all (as it may be completely unrelated), it is just really making me try and understand more about cholesterol levels - I had not realised it was so unbelievably complex and controversial!

    In the past 6 months however I have been taken aback at how many of my friends have followed suit - to varying degrees of low carb eating, saying I had inspired them by how much weight I had lost. Not all stuck with as it is not for everyone - but is without doubt the life for me!

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    Congratulations on the weight loss, and the converts!

    What do you consider to be "low carb" in this situation?


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      Congratulations, Leo. Low carb (the lower the better) has always worked for me when I've done it, but PB made it make sense and let me make the mental step from 'diet' to lifestyle. Most of my friends have got used to my low carbing phases now and just accept it. As long as I have meat and fat I can take or leave veggies.
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