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    Hi everyone,

    New member here. I'm looking to transition into a healthier lifestyle to hopefully clear up some health issues. I'm not at all interested in losing weight. In fact, I'm a pretty lean 5'11" 165 lbs. I believe I eat ok for the most part. I hardly drink alcohol anymore, having only the occasional beer or two every week, and I don't smoke. However, I know I can eat better, which is why I'm here.

    In the past year, I noticed that I tend to burp or get indigestion after eating. It's not present after every meal, but enough to make me wonder why it is happening. I had an endoscopy done last year and everything was fine with the exception of a little irritation. My doctor told me it's GERD. After performing a lot of research and finding that a lot of GI problems are due to too little stomach acid - not too much - I experimented with digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid as opposed to your standard prescription acid reducing meds. While the hcl and enzymes helped a little, they didn't do enough to make me believe low stomach acid was my issue. As a result, I'm convinced it's my body rebelling against certain foods.

    While my wife and I have really made an effort to eat healthier (organic fruits and vegetables, grass-fed beef, chicken, cage-free eggs, almond milk instead of dairy milk, nuts, coconut oil, etc.), we still occasionally have cheat meals like sandwiches (no deli meat though!), homemade pizza with wholegrain dough and lots of chicken and veggies, potatoes, etc. We even bought a Blendtec this year and we absolutely love it. We're able to add so many vegetables to our morning smoothies that I never thought I'd eat otherwise. Definitely well worth the investment.

    My goal is for both my wife and I to cut out the remaining "junk" that we're eating and stick to natural, unprocessed foods. I hope that by doing this, and living a healthier lifestyle altogether, my GERD will diminish, and maybe even my wife's migraines and hypothyroid issue will get better. I know what you eat has a significant impact on your health, so here's to hoping we can do this and see great results.
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    I bet you find ditching those grains at last will help you with those last few problems.


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      For me carbs tend to be a bit all or nothing, so when I cut grains I tend to cut most carbs, but last year I was having daily heartburn until I went low carb/paleo. I expect you'll see the difference fairly quickly so it's got to be worth a couple of weeks just to see.
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