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  • ваш форум про&

    ваш форум проста супер побольши бе таких форумов как ваш былобе супер просто удачи ваммммммммммм

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    Da Da Da
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      Originally posted by sergertiavkaervj View Post
      ваш форум проста супер побольши бе таких форумов как ваш былобе супер просто удачи ваммммммммммм
      Eva, would you care to translate? (I do remember correctly that you speak Russian?)


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        Google transate says:

        Your forum is great plenty of Be such forums as your bylobe super simple luck vammmmmmmmmmm</SPAN>


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          Google doesn't know beans, as far as I can tell.

          Builobye .. I'd have to look that up. If Google can't find a translation for that it might be misspelled?

          The final "vammmmmm" is "your".

          Your forum is simply super ... then I sort of faded. High school is a long time ago.


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            your forum is wonderful and it would be great if there would be more forums like yours. good luck to you!

            there you go
            challenge yourself
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              Really? I think it might be a spam bot posting under many different names...but then I am known to be paranoid, and I don't read Russian.
              Can anyone read the whole message?


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                that was the whole message.
                challenge yourself
                i blog here


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                  Thanks, Eva. That seemed to be what it was saying, but I couldn't be sure.

                  Seems to be a sincere well-wishing.

                  I really should have studied harder when I was young ...


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                    Горячие кисоч

                    Я сильно хочу облизать, а вы? Она ведь такая сладкая. Подрочить на фото девушек
                    каждый горазд, мой сайтик: сайтик


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                      Красивая и мо&amp;

                      Привет всем, кто хочет потрогать отличные буфера? красивые проститутки и сучки. Звезды порно!
                      Заходите на сайт заходим сюда


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                        lol, the only thing that ever posts to my blog lately is spambots linking to Russian porn. Think I can resist the link, thanks.
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