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  • Here I am.

    Not sure really what to say. I am not new this website or the idea of Paleo. HOWEVER, I have not attempted to eat and live in this way in awhile. The sad truth is I need SUPPORT around my food and reminders on how to live a healthy lifestyle. I go to other places to surround myself with like minded people to feed my soul and get support in other areas of my life... why not food choices too?

    I've tried more recently to be apart of other forums, but my experience (whether true or not), was the support wasn't there unless I was "doing it right" whatever the heck that means.

    Anywhooo, I am glad to be apart of this. I love Mark S. and Robb---- I truly hope I can make this a lifestyle staring tomorrow morning. My plan is to check in and post as much as I can. Although I welcome all suggestions and support from all people, I do hope there are women on here as well.

    I am on here mainly to feel healthy and good in my skin, but also to drop the carb/starch/sugar weight I have put on in the name of "freedom and moderation"... errrr.

    So thanks for reading this if you did! Be back soon!

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    here you are indeed and welcome. Its a very supportive forum, bickering aside, with a diverse spread of opinion. Read lots of Mark and check his blog to determine the veracity of advice and have fun
    When I'd had enough of the grain and starched based 'diabetic eating for health' diet (eating for health, my ass!) my weight was 242.5 lbs. On starting primal- 18th April 2013 weight : 238.1.
    27th July 2013. weight after 100 days 136.9 weight lost 101.2lb ; that's 105.6lbs since I stopped the 'diabetic eating for health'
    new journal


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      Welcome Shonie, keeping a journal is a great way to help stay accountable to your food choices. Primal food is the greatest, enjoy.
      Annie Ups the Ante


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        can't run fast enough!

        Yep, I get it... I've been eating more grains and I've grown out of my clothes. I haven't weighed myself, I don't wanna know, (denial). I just want to feel good in my clothes and not have to tuck my stomach back in my jeans, but mostly just be healthy. On top of all of this... I have been working out, more faithfully than I ever have--- Okay, not a body builder working out, but taking this butt to the gym w/o. I can't run fast enough to get rid of the weight that SAD does to this ol' girl!

        Thanks for the reply. I do plan on starting to journal once I figure out how to do it on here.


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          welcome Shonie


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            Read the MDA101 stuff on the site and subscribe to the free emails.
            Sisson knows his stuff and is well researched.
            Good Luck.