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27 Days in and struggling....

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  • 27 Days in and struggling....


    I started eating "primal" after a few friends I play rugby with swore by it. I started taking it pretty serious about 3 weeks ago but I'm still struggling and not really seeing any of the benefits i was hoping for. I was hoping that by listing out my current situation that perhaps other people who experienced similar issues and might have some valuable insight as i would really like to see this through.

    I typically workout 5-6 times a week. Following a P90X routine and go on two or three 3-5 mile runs a week. I really love to cook and so the food aspect has not been challenging at all as i usually prepare all my food on Sunday for the rest of the week. I have had 0 cheats since starting. Below is a typical day:

    Early breakfast: Half a banana with almond butter (before gym)
    Breakfast: 4 eggs scrambled in bacon fat with veg (peppers, zucchini, onions), other half of the banana
    Lunch: Meatloaf (Lots of veg in the meatloaf) side of broccoli or zucchini
    Snack: Apple and almond butter
    Dinner: Beef and lamb meatballs, poached egg, tomato sauce and veg

    At the start i was eating a lot more nuts and dried fruits as they were easy to munch down but have slowly started removing them after seeing that this is one of the common newbie mistakes. My issue is that i am still feeling extremely light headed. I understand that this could be due to "carb flu" but its been a while and there have been no signs of it getting better. In fact i feel its actually getting worse.

    I must say that for the first two weeks i consumed a lot more dried fruit and fresh fruit, probably 3-4 pieces a day of apples, oranges and pears.

    I read Mark's book (Primal Blueprint) and thought it was great. Really want for this to work but at the moment I'm just not getting to a place where this feels right. Any help or guidance would be very much appreciated.


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    P90X 5-6 times a week plus running? Looks like you're not eating enough in general.
    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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      What specifically are the benefits you were hoping to see but have not? I agree that you may either not be getting enough calories or not be consuming enough carbs to support your activity level.

      That's a lot of exercise. Do you do it because you enjoy it or do you see it as a means to an end?


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        I've been eating on and off paleo for about a year. For some reason I can't stick to it. I am 5'2" 107-109 and don't have any weight issues due to my running 15-20miles per week. I would say that on a typical day I eat 85-90% paleo and feel super great! When I eat 100% paleo, I too will start to feel 'funny'. I believe it's because I start eating too many nuts and coconut fat, too much of those foods seem to make me groggy.


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          Wannabegrok and renee16, are you including plenty of starchier vegetables such as winter squash, plantain, and sweet potatoes and fresh fruits? Eating Paleo or Primal doesn't necessarily mean low carb. It could be that you "run" better on a slightly higher carb ration than you've been allotting yourself.


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            Unless you really enjoy that much exercise, try to train less.
            You got to give your organism the chance to adapt to the signals you are sending to it.
            If you ae constantly pounding your organism like you do, it will have no time to recover and grow new muscles.
            "Give a man a fire, and he's warm for a day. Set fire to a man, and he's warm for the rest of his life."
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              Hi, Patti. I have to admit, I haven't tried alot of those starchier veggies. I end up grabbing a fresh baked roll instead, lol. I obviously am feeling guilt about eating pies and ice cream sandwiches..and am using these forums as a confessional. I would like to eventually give the refined food up!


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                Ideally I want to trim down. When I was younger I always had issues with my weight and excercise soon became a huge part of my life. Love to work out and its a very important part of my weekly routine (I think i would go nuts without it).

                The reaosn for trying to eat primal is firstly to live what I believe will be a healthier lifestyle. Ive always had a big sweet tooth and so I think trying to regulate my insulin levels will help in the long run. Secondly I want to bring down my bodyfat %. I have always been fit but have never been able to eliminate the "spare tire".


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                  Exercising that extensively, when do you allow time for your body to recover/heal? Have you calculated your daily caloric expenditure? I agree with others and think that you might not eating can't run an engine @ a high rate of speed without giving it a lot of fuel. IMO, if you're not providing enough energy each day then your body is going to do what it needs to do to keep what fuel it already has.

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