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Going Primal for MCTD and Raynaud's, Quick Question!

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  • Going Primal for MCTD and Raynaud's, Quick Question!

    Hello from Texas!

    Just finished Primal Blueprint. Been 2 weeks primal and feeling wonderful. No, not doing this for weight lose! (Female, 28, 5'9", was 142 two weeks ago, now 137) I'm going primal for health reasons. I was diagnosed with Connective Tissue Disease and Raynaud's disease a few months ago after 4 years of pain and questioning. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this disease, it's autoimmune that causes severe inflammation, sort of like Lupus. Hopefully, a primal diet will heal my gut and reduce the inflammation. I'm also generally passionate about wellness and health and Paleo just makes sense to me. I feel great about joining this community and I truly feel like this lifestyle is something I can stick to and enjoy.

    Been really strict so far with organic produce, and grass-fed/uncured meat. I live in the middle of Texas and really don't have a great source of fresh fish. I do however drink organic cod liver oil every day to substitute. Anyway, feeling GREAT so far (flat stomach always) and my cravings for bread are really diminishing...still having those annoying sugar cravings. I imagine in time they go away. I drink water kefir flavored with organic fruit, and of course some dark chocolate here and there. Also drinking homemade beef bone broth every day.

    My question relates to sauces. I have been "cheating" and using BBQ sauce, hot sauce, mayo, pesto, tomato sauce, and ranch. I know this is wrong, but am I really destroying the entire concept of Paleo or are these things OK in moderation?

    Also, anybody diagnosed with the same or similar diseases? How has Paleo helped you and have you noticed a difference? Sorry if there are Forum topics that already cover this, I am still learning how to navigate the site!

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    You will have to examine the ingredients of each of these to determine whether it is safe for you or not at this point. Eventually, after you heal, you may be able to again eat some things that are bothering you now. Commercial barbecue sauce is probably out forever.


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      Hello there from Amarillo, TX!

      I hope I can help just a little bit. I've done one round of Whole30 using the autoimmune section. I have hypothyroidism. I just went with that reccomendation because I didn't know whether or not it was Hashimoto's. The hot sauce, bbq sauce, and tomatoe sauce may not be doing that much good. This mostly has to do with night shades. You can find this information, I think, on I say, wade in carefully and see how it feels for you. It could help. It sounds to me like you are doing great so far though. Also, mark usually has some really good recommendations for primal versions of all of those if you want to try them. I like mayo. I like to make it homemade even more!

      It's nice to have you on here! I hope that you conitnue along the lines that you have been in your journey
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