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    I have been playing around with primal foods for about two years but have not really committed. I keep trying to get started but then am derailed and it goes down hill quickly! I have a bad habit of having a "start day", that usually means I am eating tons of junk prior to the day. This time, I have decided to just start and make a public commitment to my new lifestyle choice.

    I am 34 years old mother of two. I have between 65 to 75 lbs to lose. It isn't so much about the actual numbers but more about being able to have more energy to play with my kids, less aches and pains and feeling better about how I look in clothes.

    I am pretty good about eating primal meals but really struggle in the evening. I am used to eating lots of junk then. Any tips would be appreciated. My husband is supportive of having primal meals but he has a stash of junk food in the house. Thankfully he has agreed to keep it hidden so it isn't a constant struggle for me.

    Alright, lets start this journey.

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    Hi jva! We are both pretty much in the same boat. My husband likes to snack in the evenings too and I just don't pay attention to him. It took me a while to get over my late night cravings, but if I can't help but pull out a snack, I go for something that won't take me off "plan". I just started reading Primal Blueprint, so I haven't gotten to the dos and don'ts yet, but I'll eat some natural Greek yoghurt or a little bit of cheese or a couple of nuts if the urge to snack is too great. Some of the more experienced primals can way in on with better advice if I miss the mark by too much.


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      Welcome to the PB way of life!

      My husband eats snacks in the evening as well. At first I'd just look at them and think "Poison!" to try to change my mindset from thinking of these things as being delicious or even edible. Over time I've started to differentiate a bit more and notice that the longer I'm eating healthily, the less he's snacking on real junk.

      When I do want an evening snack, there are usually hard-boiled eggs, fruit, and chicken in the fridge. Two of my favorite treats are berries with a splash of cream, and banana & avocado mashed with melted dark chocolate. If you're hungry, eat. If you are not really hungry, but want to eat out of habit, time to do something different!


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        Hi Jva, same boat here. I'm day 5 today, and I love licorice. I honestly have to walk away and go to my room and read when he gets into it. I'm the only one going Primal so I have all those foods in my kitchen. Today, I had to stop myself from eating a bit of burnt chicken nuggets I made for my daughter. It was 2nd nature but I stopped myself. I know this will become 2nd nature to us in time.

        To replace my licorice craving at night, I eat a Red Texas Grapefruit at night. I get my sweet tooth fix and it's a plant so I'm "All Good".

        My friend how has been doing it for a year hates sugar now. Did after the first 21-days.
        Happiness &
        "add a food"