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First week and craving, need encouragement

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  • First week and craving, need encouragement

    Hi all,

    Just posting for some encouragement and help. This is day 5, have done really well but dreading the weekend. We are going camping for our anniversary which I am excited for but was looking forward to open fire hot dogs and roasted marshmellows. Not so much now. I have lost 8 1/2 lbs this first week and don't want to undo all the work I have already done.

    Also, getting bored with the same food. Need another snack food besides almonds. I love almonds but I need variety! Got some awesome recipes printed for next week. I guess my focus in life has been on food and not living. Damn this is hard but I want so badly to be healthy and lost this weight. 266.6 on a 5'1 frame is not healthy and my body has been telling me so this last year.

    Any advice, please!!


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    you can still have the sausage and you could roast chestnuts, toast dates wrapped in bacon,
    berries make decent snack, frozen berries are even better.
    there are other nuts if you're eating them Nuts and Omega 6 Fats | Mark's Daily Apple
    snacks Primal Blueprint Snacks | Mark's Daily Apple
    When I'd had enough of the grain and starched based 'diabetic eating for health' diet (eating for health, my ass!) my weight was 242.5 lbs. On starting primal- 18th April 2013 weight : 238.1.
    27th July 2013. weight after 100 days 136.9 weight lost 101.2lb ; that's 105.6lbs since I stopped the 'diabetic eating for health'
    new journal


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      8 and a half pounds ? thats great ! i would say Pre cut up your favorite veggies and have a go to snack tray . Also when I'm feeling snacky ill cut up an apple for the crunch factor. Ripe straw berries with a little bit of balsamic vinegar is delicious and tastes rich . For camping I'd say focus on protein and grilled veggies. Grilled pineapple with cinnamon sprinkled on it (before grilling) is freaking amazing. The juices Caramelize ......yum . I'm hungry now


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        Your goal should be to eat larger meals so you don't need snacks on a regular basis.


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          I'd agree with that last comment as a general rule.