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Love Primal but No Weight Loss After 2 Mos.

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  • Love Primal but No Weight Loss After 2 Mos.

    Hi all!

    I've been eating primal for 2 mos. now and definitely love how it makes me feel, the ease of it, and the fact that I don't feel deprived. I've fallen 'off the wagon' a couple of times here and there but mostly I don't find it hard to stick to. However...I'm frustrated. I've been eating this way, plus working with a trainer doing what is essentially CrossFit 2 x week, plus either biking, sprinting, running or swimming usually 3 other days, for the past 2 months and I've basically lost NO weight!!! (lost 5 lbs. initially, then it came back)

    Granted, I do not have a lot to lose. I'm 47, 5'9" and 150 lbs. Except for most of my life, except the past 10 years (before my son was born), I was a stable 135 lbs, which is where I want to get back to. Hell, I'd be happy with a strong 140 at this point.

    I know I'm getting stronger, which feels great, and I know muscle weighs more than fat -- but how much more? I've put the scale away and tried not to think about. But my clothes don't fit any differently than they did 2 months ago. And I just can't budget this tire of fat around my waist!! I've scoured some of the other threads on here started by people frustrated by same situation. But I don't have any insurance now so I can't afford a trip to the doc for expensive glucose or thyroid tests. I'm just going to have to figure it out on my own.

    So if this resonates with anyone else and you want to compare notes, please give me a shout!

    Frustrated in Ohio

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    Be patient.

    Your body may be working on healing various things that you are unaware of. If you are feeling better, focus on that.

    Definitely stop focusing on the scale. 135lbs at 5'9" IMHO is too skinny, especially for a female. Keep working out and focus on strength gains. With that you will see changes in your body, but they aren't immediate.


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      Thank you! I appreciate the advice. You're no doubt right. And while I may have been skinnier at 135, I'm sure I wasn't as strong!


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        Hi Yellow,

        I'm female, 5'8", and when I started primal my goal was to get down to 133 from 143. I lost about 7 pounds right away and was thrilled. At the same time I joined Crossfit, now after being mostly primal and crossfitting for almost a year, my weight is back up in the 140s, usually right around 145. But I'm much stronger than I was, and I can see and feel muscles that I did not have a year ago.

        As far as the tummy tire goes, I too still am carrying more fat (mine is more hips/butt/thighs) than I would like. I think for me this is largely a function of going overboard with the 20%. I'm currently in a phase of really trying to watch what I eat, and I have had some success adding more carbs into my diet, mostly potatoes, fruit, and white rice. I also realized that I need to watch my fat intake a bit more, can't load up butter on everything sadly.


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          Hi Badkty...

          Thanks for sharing! When you say the 20% do you mean fat or carbs? (I suppose I should know this...) I have heard others say adding a few carbs back in seems to have helped lift the weight loss plateau - not sure why but maybe I should try it. I've also been trying to cut back a bit on the nuts and cheese but it's been hard to figure out what else to eat when all carbs are so off the table, and mostly fruit, though I've started eating a bit more fruit that has a low GI.


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            The 20% means the 20% non-primal indulgences that are allowed for. I've fallen into periods of time where that 20% has become 40%, or even more. The further along I get in this lifestyle though, the more my body reacts poorly to those falls of the wagon, so at some point I think I will be more fully 80%/20%.

            Try to add some carbs in, maybe a sweet potato or some fruit a couple times a week to start, especially after an intense work out. For what it is worth, I've found that I can manage my weight better eating "safe" carbs rather than high calorie snacks like nuts and cheese. I know some people here reject the calories approach, but I've noticed for myself that they do matter. YMMV.


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              Yes, but what is your approximate body fat %?
              Crohn's, doing SCD


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                If you are doing Crossfit twice a week PLUS sprinting, etc., then I wouldn't be surprised if your nervous system is overtaxed. Ditch Crossfit, lift sensibly a couple times a week, walk a lot. That will give you more reserves to safely run and swim and bike. Seriously, ditch Crossfit.
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                  I've definitely seen more progress with a a weight loss plateau by limiting my fat intake and focusing on eating large amounts of veggies and protein. I still eat healthy fats but use them as a supplement - i.e. oil on my salad or a small handful of nuts. It's too easy to over do the fats (because they are sooo delicious &#128521


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                    Oh yes - and I agree with the last comment - ditch crossfit if your trying to lose weight . Try a more relaxed exercise like walking or moderate cycling . Your body will take better to the movement and will let go of those extra pounds ! When I do heavy exercising , it seems to shock my system , so I try to do one or two hard work outs a week , and the rest I do an easy cycle session or a long walk etc.


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                      Really interesting, Grumpycakes and Shoshanamaria, about ditching CrossFit. Can you explain more why? I really love it and it's the last thing I want to ditch. I'm calling what I'm doing CrossFit although it's not officially. But I work with a trainer twice a week (30 min. sessions) and he has me doing short bursts of cardio (ie, rowing) alternating with sets of heavy lifting (ie, kettlebells, free weights), and other resistance exercises (ie, things with bands, pull-ups, pushups, etc.). I crawl home. I love it. But if I'm understanding you right you're saying this can put enough stress on one's system to keep it from losing the pounds? How does that work?

                      I agree about the fats - judicious use!



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                        Originally posted by yellowbrickroad369 View Post
                        I crawl home. I love it.
                        No, you don't. What you love is the idea that breaking your body is what leads to results. You've equated pain and progress in your mind. Most people do this. Most people end up abusing their bodies with too much exercise once they are determined to lose weight. Or, more simply, you are high on endorphins after your workouts because your brain is overcompensating for the stress.

                        Your exercise regimen puts your nervous system in "Oh, shit!" mode. "I don't know what's going on but I might die!" mode. If you were an athlete, your nervous system would be better able to handle it. But you're a regular person. A 47 year old woman. You can't just jump into HIIT plus heavy weights all rolled into one. Sorry to say, but your hormones are against you and if you choose the work-out-like-a-21-year-old-man route it will be a gruelling uphill battle. You need to condition yourself first. Read up on adrenaline and cortisol. Take it easy, walk a lot.
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                          Mine? Probably about 25%.


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                            Well I can only speak from my own experience but I think the intense crossfit exercises are too much for your body when your just beginning to get into shape . Your body is so complex - and it is mostly ran by chemicals in your brain responding to stimuli. If you are sending the message that you are in stress by working it too much , then it will respond accordingly. You will probably keep building muscle , but I bet you will sustain your fat as well. It is the body's defense mechanism. from my own personal experience , my weight drops when I'm stress free and consistently moving my body and giving it time to recuperate . Maybe you could try to continue the workouts but drop the level if intensity ? Give yourself adequate rest time as well. Sleep as much as necessary .


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                              Decrease or eliminate PUFAs (a few eggs per week, not dozens) and use coconut oil as your main fat. Be sure to eat plenty of sugar from fruit and try having gelatin with meat for amino acid balance. Walk a lot and try Pilates- really helps tone the stomach and core.