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I've finally found what's been missing!

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  • I've finally found what's been missing!


    I'm a 38 year old single dad. I've been low carbing for about 2 years, generally sticking with it, but definitely having my share of indulgences. I topped out at 225 (5' 9") a little over two years ago. I started low carbing after reading Good Calories Bad Calories by Gary Taubes. What an eye opener!

    I dropped 30 pounds and generally kept it off. Recently though the weekend indulgences were offsetting any work done during the week. In fact these weekend binges (oreos and coffee ice cream) were pushing me towards the upper band of the range (200). I figured I'd exercise a little more (which I was committed to for the past two years) but that was getting tiresome and becoming a drag.

    It was at that point enough was enough. I recommitted myself to avoiding carbs about a month ago and have dropped about 12 more pounds (to 183). The problem was there was I had no framework, no overarching 'glue' to hold it all together. Things were becoming boring. Once I read the success stories here at MDA I found what I was missing. The PB philosophy has given me a completely new perspective. The word diet has been replaced lifestyle.

    I'm not a newbie to the low carb thing but I am to the primal lifestyle proscribed here at MDA. My diet has improved tremendously over the past few years but I couldn't find a lifestyle to go with it...until now. I'm excited to have joined this community and look forward to reading others' stories and helping out where I can.

    Warm regards,


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    Awesome, welcome.


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      You've made the right decision Dean. Welcome!
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        I found the same about low carbing. I could do it and lose weight fairly easily, but it was just too easy to let it slide because I'd plateaued or because I felt good about losing the weight and felt I could 'treat' myself. The thing is that the low carb books I'd read (Atkins mostly) really left me with the impression that while carbs were the root cause of my weight problems that was all it was about - the weight and if I put some back on, well, I could always lose it again. Reading PB and paleo books has opened my eyes to what cumulative damage non-paleo foods can do to my body so that now when I don't eat biscuits/cake etc, it's not just about weight management, it's because I suspect my gut has had enough and I don't want to add to what damage has already been done. That makes it a lot easier for me to say no.

        I've also found that a background of low carbing makes it a much easier decision to cut out not only the grains and sugar, but the legumes and nightshades as well. That's a much more individual decision.
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