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  • Howdy from an aspiring Grok

    Hi everyone,

    I just started Paleo this past Monday (7 days ago) after reading Why We Get Fat (Gary Taubes) and starting to read Born to Run (Chris McDougall). I feel physically better already. I haven't started any type of exercise plan yet - I've been pretty sedentary for a long time so I figure I should probably get my nutritional house in order and then start a walking plan that slowly incorporates sprints and lifting.

    I haven't been seeing a heck of a lot of weight loss - I started at 209 and am currently at 207 after a week on the lifestyle. If anyone has any tips or advice on how to maximize results and stick with the program, I'd appreciate them!

    Beginning Stats:

    30 yr old Male
    Ht: 6'1''
    SW: 209 pounds
    CW: 207
    GW: 180

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    Hi there,
    Since no one has said it yet, welcome! It's kind of sad coming from me since I'm brand new too, but I figure I may as well make this my first post! I don't have a lot of advice, but hopefully we can stick with the program and see some success. Like you, I've only lost a little weight, and I "only" have about 15-20lbs to lose. I'm in it for the wellness factor too :-)
    All the best!!


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      Thanks Mazbomb - best of luck to you as well!


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        Hey, Man! Start that daily food/notes/exercise journal. You'll look back on it often. I'd also make an entry regarding your current health concerns, ailments, etc. It's neat to look back as they fade away.

        My Primal Journal:

        "If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand." -Milton Friedman