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  • New adventure ........

    Just want to say hello,

    My name is Jolanthe and I am living on Bali Indonesia.
    The food here is great but not totally primal....a challenge for sure

    Some stats:
    Height 5.6
    Weight 143 lbs
    Goal 130

    That's about it, see you guys.....

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    Welcome, Jolanthe!
    My Walk From West Coast to East Coast


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      Remember, Primal isn't all about the food. I'm sure you'll have plenty of other primal-esque things to do in Bali
      Travel, eat well, and learn about life - three things I love to do

      Curious about what YOU should pack next time you're on the road? Check out my Definitive Guide to Backpacking Nutrition


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        Welcome! How did the first day of your Primal Adventure go?


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          Thanx for all the greetings...

          And yes..there is a lot more to do on Bali! I don't know if its all primal
          What so great about here, besides the wheather, the hole island is an adventure. A lot of water around here and i am crazy about swimming.
          If you want you can easy go 50 years back in time on some parts of the island and enjoy basic living.

          That's why its still a adventure fore me, enjoying both side's.

          But it is nice to learn things here from you guys


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            Hi Jojo. how's life in Bali? Sounds like fun. Hope you are enjoying plenty of good primal food also. Best wishes, Annie.
            Annie Ups the Ante