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  • Nice to meet you all!

    Hi so my name's Luke, and i'm new here , i am glad to be a part of such a vibrant and awesome community

    So i have a question that has been driving me nuts! This may seem fairly intuitive. Dont laugh, when i get all crazy, my thoughts get muddled and i cant think rationallly. Anyways, here goes

    long story shoty, i calculated my BMR and got 1750. Now...if i burn rough 800 calories a day through exercise (and exercise five times weekly) then i am burning roughly 1 pound of fat a week...

    now my question....once i get to my desired BFP would i then have to eat 1750 plus 800 (calories) to stay at that bfp AND weight? i suspect this is a stupid question because i have NEVER eaten that much and have ALWAYS been around 150-155.....but im guessing you guys wont laugh in derision :/ right??

    once i get down there (let's say 7 bfp and remaining at 150) can i still eat 1750 calories AND STILL WORKOUT AS VIGOROUSLY AS I AM ACCUSTOMED TO, or will that cause me to continue losing fat and destroying my health.. ?
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    It sounds you are assuming that burning 800 calories a day in exercise will in itself lead to loss of excess body fat. This is not necessarily true. It is necessary to strictly control your calorie intake in order for increased activity to lead to fat loss.

    It is much more effective to lose weight through dietary manipulation than exercise.

    What sort of exercise are you planning to do? Endless miles on the road, a treadmill, an elliptical, or a bike? Moderate exercise burns 200-400 calories per hour. That's a lot of hours grinding away at it. Most people find weight lifting more effective for body recompositioning.


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      It is nearly impossible to lose fat through exercise. If you exercise a lot, your body will hang onto fat just as it does if you try to starve yourself to fat loss. And most people eat more when the exercise a lot. Focus on Mark's suggested exercises.

      Forget calories.
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        Well: in general i do about 45 minutes of intense calisthenics (like seriously intense, i pride myself on this stuff haha) followed by 30 minutes of light jogging for 25 minutes , and cap it off with 15 minutes of various plank exercises. I do that two to three times a week usually

        I tend to do HIIT twice a week, followed by 20 minutes of light jogging as well (all told about 5 days out of 7 i am doing some form of cardio)

        So wouldn't eating at my basal metabolic rate in conjunction with 800 calories burned, lead towards a daily 700 calorie deficit and a weekly calorie deficit of roughly 4000? i know thse MET caluclators are rubbish but it said an hour and a half of my intensity would come out to rough 700 cals give or take i thinking about this all wrong? i admit i have no clue about the science. Thanks!


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          I'd focus less on all the numbers, and more on a holistic approach (if that's possible).

          Eat whole foods - anything made by man is off limits.

          Move a lot. And lift some heavy weights two to three times a week.

          Get 8 hours of sleep a night.

          Prioritize in that order - first comes food, then exercise, then sleep.
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