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Guess I'll quit lurking and join up - Hi!

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  • Guess I'll quit lurking and join up - Hi!

    Over the last few months I've read so much on this blog/site, and sent it to a few of my friends, I figured I'd finally join.

    I'm a tall & big boned woman who has always been active, but the last few months I'd slacked off a bit. My diet was so-so, and I felt out of shape and weak, and my sporadic attempts at exercise were half-hearted. I started reading about the PB and became intrigued - no more chronic cardio? Yes! This is what I needed! So I started sprinting up my hill, going on long walks, and lifting heavy things (I love weightlifting when it's 'fun'!). My mentality about exercise was immediately changed from being torturous to playtime.

    So, I was starting in on being a good Grokette and enjoying sprinting and changing my diet, and then started feeling ill and not myself - I thought it was my body adjusting to the changes - but turns out I was pregnant!

    Now that the initial nausea is over and food is actually 'good' again, I find myself craving only PB foods - it's relieving to say the least.

    Here's why: I gained 50lbs with my first pregnancy because I was a bottomless pit and ate all kinds of non-PB, poinsonous foods - Del Taco burritos were a lunch staple. After my daughter was born and my hormones started going haywire, I started suffering from serious post-partum depression combined with bouts of severe anxiety. Looking back I realized that a lot of that stemmed from the fact that all I was eating/wanted to eat were sweets and carbs - which I now know is a vicious cycle! Being older now (ok well 36 is up there for being pregnant) I know that my body is MUCH less forgiving when it comes to diet, and I want to nip any problems in the bud!

    I initially lost 20lbs once the morning sickness started (no vomiting, just lovely nausea) - I believe that a lot of it was from cutting out caffeine and my nightly glass or two of wine or beer. Since I started feeling better and eating more, I've not gained any weight back.

    Another 'good' thing is that my body does not take kindly to wheat and grains right now. When I eat a few crackers or a slice of bread, they don't like to digest very well at all and I feel like crap for the next few hours. So PB it is! My first true 'craving' was for a pan-fried steak! My husband thought I was insane when I wanted one in the midst of the worst nausea. Ah but it was the best steak I'd ever had hehe

    I'm very glad to have stumbled upon this site! Initially I was all gung-ho about getting into shape, but now my goals have obviously changed. Now I'm concentrating on growing a healthy baby and keeping myself healthy at the same time. No sprinting for me! (for now) but long walks barefoot on the beach followed by a steak dinner & farmers market vegis are definitely becoming common now. This weekend I'll start in with some Lifting of (kind of) Heavy things at the gym as well.

    So - hi! - and thanks for listening and THANK YOU Mark for this great site!

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    Welcome, HotRodKristina. It's great to have you with us! There are lots of other moms on this site with loads of great advice and inspiring stories to share. Congratulations on your little one, he or she is in for some first-class in utero room service!


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      Great to hear your onboard, once you get started on this road to health, its easy to stay inspired by results.
      Regards, Pedrito


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        Hi Everybody!

        It is my first time here so I wanted to say hello to everyone in this forum!