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  • We don't exactly fit the profile.....

    Hi! I'm Andrea, my husband Anthony and I are doing this together. We have successfully completed 2-full days. We don't seem to fit the profile of most of the people on here, looks like a lot of people are already in pretty good shape...we are not. We are slowly dying for two 49 year olds. Anthony is 6'8" and is clocking in at 355 he has diabetes and high blood pressure. I live in fear I'm going to lose him, we have only been married a year and a half and would really like to grow old with him. Me, I have severe Ulcerative Colitis, and were most people who have it are really thin steroids have made me extremely heavy (5'6", 280). After a great deal of research, and talking with our doctor, he agrees this would be a great plan for us. So here we are. Ready to go. Any advice, great success stories, or encouragement would be appreciated.

    and off we go......

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    Hi Andrea and Anthony,
    Welcome! You fit the profile. We come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Have you visited the Before and After thread? It's only 519 pages
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      Also, Mark's blog has a Success Story every Friday.

      Mark's Daily Apple
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        Don't be scared to eat fat. Enjoy yourself. As long as you two are striving to become healthier versions of yourselves then you are on your way!
        The above should be viewed as complete and utter nonsense.


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          Welcome. This way of eating can go a long way to turning your health around. I am so glad your doctor is supportive. Good food is great medicine. It also tastes the bestest. My helpful hint: Meat and veges, meat and veges, meat and veges. And eggs. Best wishes.
          Annie Ups the Ante


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            Hello there and welcome to primal living!
            I hope you are already enjoying the food, and don't worry about not fitting the 'norm profile', everyone has to start somewhere and everyone has different stories and different problems to tackle.
            My advice, to keep motivated why don't you try keeping a primal diary? Write everything you eat in there, how you are feeling that day, what exercise you did and your general thoughts. I found this worked so well for me!
            Also don't be afraid of fat, its the sugar that is the villain here haha. And eat only when you feel you need to not because it is 'dinner time' you would be surprised how little often you really need to eat when you are consuming a lot of meats and veg!

            If you are losing motivation or find a particular food hard to resist, then check out some primal adaptions for our old favourites like primal pizza, pasta, bread and if its a special occasion like a birthday then there are many primal cakes to make.
            Its a good way to keep from feeling you are missing out at all whilst still eating safe foods

            Oh and one last thing, stay away from the fruit, root veg, honey, dark choc or yoghurt for the first week then slowely bring them into your diet. Its best trust me :P

            But I wish you all the best and I believe it is so wonderful for you to find this out and to take action!
            I feel so isolated as every day I search for others like me, I havn't found them yet but I will one day...


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              It sounds like you have made a major step in the right direction. Your story sounds like the "before" of many a success story! Let's hope you are writing up your own success story in the not too distant future!


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                Welcome to the group guys! Little steps will set you down the path to primal and you have already taken your first for that congratulations! You fit the profile that a lot of us do. I'm 34 just under the 300lbs mark with high blood pressure and getting married this summer - not so different that your husband's story from the sounds of it. You have come to the right place to find support and people willing to share their experiences. I look forward to reading about your journey and success along the way.

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                  I'm not sure there IS a standard "profile". We're all over the map as far as age, weight, occupation, health levels and goals, so wherever you're coming from, you'll fit right in.


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                    Welcome aboard!