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Bonjour from France !

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  • Bonjour from France !

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Deborah, French, 34 years old with a lot of problems because of my overweight ...
    I think I've tried all the diets possible in this world but each time it's the same story : I loose, I gain and so one ...

    I read a lot of testimonies on this site and must admit the results are amazing.
    I did recognize my self in some of them : craving for pastas, rice, pizzas, etc.
    I'm very addicted to all this stupid and useless "food".

    1.59m for 82 kg and do feel so ashamed of my self. No more selfconfident.

    Tomorrow, I join your "community" and want to be part of the success stories as well.

    I wish you a wonderful day,

    All the best,


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    Welcome Deb. Wishing you a great start on your primal journey. Annie.
    Annie Ups the Ante