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    I joined yesterday and have made some posts but not an intro. Story in brief, I'm 46, an athlete when kid/teen, but binge eater. On and off the workout bandwagon over the years. Between 4-6 years ago I lost about 60 lbs eating low fat, lots of veggies, fruits, whole grains, yadayada, and working out like a demon (jogging, big mistake for someone with bad knees, swimming with master's swim club, some weights). Was in pain, obsessed with food, obsessed with cardio & burning calories. But I did lose the weight.

    Read more and more about nutrition, did some experiments like cutting sugar entirely for a month (no more joint pain). Learned that more fat made me feel better, and no grains or sugar made me feel even better. I am a cook so never had much of an issue with processed foods, we make everything from scratch around here. Anyway, through reading and experimentaion I discovered primal works best for me, though I didn't know it was called that.

    However - my husband and I travel a lot, for work & pleasure, and sometimes it's a pain in the neck avoiding certain things, so I would just decide "okay, it's a hassle, I'm just going to eat it". This winter I was under some stress, eating too many carbs, getting cravings for more - gained somewhere between 15-20 pounds (not sure how much, was afraid to get on the scale because I knew it would depress me). Also getting depressed and lots of aches and pains.

    Couple of weeks ago decided I better get my act together. I dropped the grains, sugars, etc. and within a few days started to feel better. I have been working out regularly and also do Ashtanga yoga, which you may know is KILLER - I sweat more doing that than anything else I've ever done. But as I belong to the Y and they have a cool computerized program that lets you track everything easily, I signed up with one of their trainers and that is getting me more focussed. The bloating is gone, joint pain almost gone, mood MASSIVELY improved, not hungry.

    Got on the scale on Saturday, 164, and I'm okay with that - it's only 10 lbs up (now, after probably losing 7-10 in the past couple of weeks) and I know it won't take long to fix that. However:

    When I lost the weight I didn't lose ALL the weight - I got to within 20 lbs of what is probably optimal for me (140-145, at 5'7" and I have quite big muscles "for a girl", even under quite a bit of fat I have definition). I suspect there is some insidious psychological reason I stopped where I did. So I've decided it's time to go for it - to get to my optimal weight, finally, and to be really, really FIT. I found this site a few days ago and have spent every spare minute reading - I am already aware of most of this info, but I find it a huge support to my intention, especially with all the success stories and the positive attitude.

    Whew, sorry, that was about 5 times longer than intended. If you read this far, thanks for listening!

    PS tried tabata a few days ago and loved it (despite the agonized breathing for the following ten minutes), so I am adding that to the mix.
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    Right on, Sue! I'm envious of your chef skills though - that would've made this transition much easier for me since I'm not a very confident, experimental cook. I follow a recipe to the letter and I stress a little when they say, "season to taste".
    And yes, this website can be addicting.


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      Hey there! Haha, you and I are the EXACT same height and weight.
      Tabata should not be enjoyable if done right. Seriously... just try not to puke


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        Hello and thanks - it wasn't particularly enjoyable while I was doing it, nor for the 15 minutes after, but the next 24 hours were great. I didn't quite get to the almost puking point but at the end the way I felt brought back very vivid memories of the almost puking moments after wind sprints in junior high. Ahh, nostalgia!