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The Dukan Diva has become a Primal Prima Donna!

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  • The Dukan Diva has become a Primal Prima Donna!

    Hello all!

    Like the title suggests, I am brand new to the Primal lifestyle, having formerly dropped off of the Dukan Diet. I'm sure many of you know of it, but for those of you who don't: it's similar to the whole Atkins concept of extremely low carb/no sugar/no fat for optimal weight loss. I first began the diet in May 2011 and ended up dropping 35 pounds (only 5 pounds away from my goal at the time) within a matter of three months. Unfortunately, due some personal issues combined with the fact that my sweet tooth seemed impossible to rid myself of, I gradually fell off the track and slowly regained almost all of the weight I had lost. You know, the same age old story.

    I am disappointed in myself for falling off the track, even though I know that diets like this are simply programmed to fail. However, what's done is done! I have (finally) accepted that and am now ready to begin the journey into health and wellness once again ... but this time, properly!

    Due to my Dukan background, I am comfortable with (and prefer!) high protein/low carb eating. One thing I never would have expected before I started reading "The Primal Blueprint," was that living a healthy lifestyle could be so damn fun! (Who's been on a diet before and ever considered it fun?!?) I don't think I've ever come across a diet/lifestyle that actually promotes things like "play" and "use your brain!" I am so ridiculously excited about implementing this into my lifestyle.

    All of that being said, I do have one small concern that I'm hoping someone (preferably who's previously been on a high carb/low carb/no sugar/no fat) diet: now that my body has been used to (somewhat) eating this way, will my body still be able to lose weight at a normal enough rate? It was so easy for me to drop the fat the first time, as I had never dieted before in my life. However, the second time around, I'm wondering if my body will hit the fat loss brakes and make this more difficult than previously. What do you guys think?

    I know I've rambled on enough, but I do want to say that I couldn't be happier to have found Mark's book as well as this forum! I am fervently looking forward to posting more, as well as being able to answer posts as I get more familiar with this in the near future!

    All my best to everyone!

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    You should start to think about eating more fat. Primal is not a low fat diet. Your body needs fat for proper function as well as satiety. Give yourself some time (ie, months) to get accustomed to the way of eating and you may find yourself losing weight without putting any thought into it at all.


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      Hi eKatherine!

      Thanks for your response. Yes, it's definitely going to take some time to adjust to eating a much higher fat content, but I've already started and have noticed a satiated feeling after eating that I haven't experienced in a while (if ever!)

      I am happy to know the fat will be shed ... even if it takes months! Thank you for your reassurance and realism on the matter.