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New Brit girl to primal- first steps

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  • New Brit girl to primal- first steps


    Im 34 from London. I was recommended the primal blueprint and I have found it very interesting and makes complete sense!

    I have yet to finish the book but have already started to change my lifestyle to the rules and I have to say that I feel good. I am not as hungry as before and enjoy the fact that I can eat bacon with the fat and not be guilty- bring on the bacon omelette!

    I thought I would miss bread as I did eat bit everyday but so far I haven't missed anything that I used to eat and look forward to my lunches and dinners.

    It's early days but I do feel different within my body which is given me the motivation that finally this is the most sensible and worthwhile life style to adapt - rather than the other 'diets' I've tried.

    Best wishes to all

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    Ah, the lifestyle v. diet My family have found it hard to come to terms with the fact that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life!
    The best piece of advice I have seen trawling through the posts is don't try to 'paleo-fy' CW foods. Find new and exciting fruits, veges and meat to make into treats


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      Primal is for winners


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        Welcome Zozza, keep up the good work.
        Annie Ups the Ante


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          Healthy is the new wealthy.


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            Hi there - welcome aboard...there are a few Brits hanging around here


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              Welcome to this community. Hope u can have a nice stay here.
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                Welcome to Primal Central!


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                  Great to see some other Brits on here. I thought I was alone...


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                    Hello People.
                    Like Zozza, I'm another Brit new to the Primal Blueprint life.

                    I'm 42 and have had an interest in exercise and diet since my mid-teens. A colleague of mine introduced me to new thinking about the food I was eating that I thought was good for me, mainly pasta, porridge, etc. He showed me a book by Barry Groves which, a bit like Mark Sissons, turns a lot of what I thought I knew, on its head.

                    However, it wasn't until I saw and bought Mark's book that I've almost completely changed. As soon as I read his Conventional Wisdom versus Primal Blueprint pages, I was hooked!

                    A real eye-opener and has changed how I exercise (I used to pump iron) as well as eat. I do less and have adopted his Lift Heavy Things, sprints, pull ups, push ups etc and have noticed a real difference. I'm naturally slim anyway but I've lost body fat and look tighter around the stomach and feel more shaped generally.

                    So glad I found his book. I've got a bad sweet tooth which I'm trying to reign in but having cream in my tea helps!

                    Sorry for going on. Hope to be in touch more and promise to be more brief!!

                    Thanks. Mark


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                      Originally posted by Mark Shannon View Post
                      I've got a bad sweet tooth which I'm trying to reign in but having cream in my tea helps!

                      Sorry for going on. Hope to be in touch more and promise to be more brief!!
                      Brevity isn't always best! Actually, it's interesting to hear how others got to this point so I'd say that was a good summary. I sympathise with the sweet tooth - I have trouble with that myself...



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                        Maybe we should start a UK thread! We can translate cups to grams and start a dictionary - cilantro, garbonzo beans.....


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                          Hi Zozza, I am another Brit who has been lurking around here now for some time. We are growing in number, so welcome on board!

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                          “You have to know the past to understand the present.”
                          ― Carl Sagan


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                            The uk thread sounds like a great idea.

                            Thank you for all your comments and advice.

                            It's amazing what that I thought I was living healthy in the CW but now my eyes have been opened.


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                              I'm still exploring this site and just found that there's already a UK group (find it via 'Community' menu and then 'Groups'). It's called UK/ROI group. See you on there...