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primal newbie in Nor Cal.

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  • primal newbie in Nor Cal.

    I'm very new to primal, learned of it from a friend and have been coming to MDA pretty much daily ever since. I bought the book when the push was on and have started reading it, but due mostly to long work hours, finding time has been a bit tricky so far.

    As a little background, I struggled with 20+ years of Ulcerative Colitis before finally "upgrading" to colon cancer a couple years ago. Evidently one of the things I'm really good at is timing when they find colon cancer (admittedly only good for one use) because my timing couldn't have been better and I managed to escape without chemo or radiation, and coincidentally without UC any more as well. Honestly I've been better in the last year than the previous 20.

    Because my digestive system is not all original factory design, I tend to tread pretty lightly with making dietary changes. I do frequently take a fiber supplement which as I understand it is not suggested, but at the moment, it's working for me. I'd love to be able to ditch that as well, and am really looking forward to seeing where this primal thing takes me.

    I started intentionally eating primal on April 1st. Most of my meals consisted of a fair amount of carbs, and even though I get a fair amount of exercise (for a desk jockey), I noticed my weight was creeping up, right up until April 1st. Since then, it's been creeping down which tells me I'm heading in the right direction.


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    Hey you posted! Welcome to the forums... but beware the addiction
    There are lots of of knowledgeable people on here you can learn a lot from.


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      Thanks Cheri. Of course I posted! I had planned to right when I joined but then I'd get distracted either reading posts or articles on MDA... or working. Definitely a wealth of information here, which is awesome.