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New to the forums hoping to connect with you guys

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  • New to the forums hoping to connect with you guys

    Hi guys my name is Lloyd,

    I'm new to these forums and looking to hopefully share my information and also contribute here. I'm usually on Bodybuilding forums a lot but its gotten a little out of hand there so I'm hoping here is a little bit more normal I guess we'll see. I've been lifting heavy for over a year now but started into fitness and exercising back in 2009 with P90X as my first program haha . I haven't tried the Primal Living style yet but I'm open to learning about it.

    Well thanks for letting me register here and hope to talk to u guys soon peace out!

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    Sweet! Welcome. I've been doing this thing for three years now. Just an average Joe, though. Happy to see a new face! Please pardon our resident trolls, who make a habit of contradicting PB
    Crohn's, doing SCD


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      Oh i'm used to trolls im sure they will come to mee :P