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    Hello, my name is Dawn I am a 42 year old wife and mother of 5 children, I am 5 days into eating Primal, and I am LOVING it....totally shocked that I am LOVING it. I was absolutely carb crazy, I would have swore I NEEDED them, I was always hungry, and felt like carbs were the only thing that was going to curb my hunger, i would eat more, and get hungrier, and eat more and get hungrier.... after reading my daily lessons, and understanding how it all works I have been totally committed to Primal eating for 5 days, and I feel amazing and FULL....I am stunned by the way my body is reacting to these changes. I thought for sure that not eating carbs I was going to be starving all the time..boy did I have it wrong....I am so excited about this journey and life style change

    P.S. My husband introduced me to this site, he has always lived Primal (for the most part) he had a few bad habits that he has kicked to the curb, and in the last 14 months he has lost 100 pounds and looks and feels amazing

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    Great! Isn't it amazing the difference a few days make.


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      Congrats on the new diet! Primal eating has been soo beneficial to my life and virtually every waking moment of my day. Enjoy feeding yourself the much needed fats we all so desperately need, and minimizing those carbs and sugars we thought were oh so necessary.

      I have come across very important information and discussions on this website and hope that more people join the movement so we can develop a clear idea of what we need to fuel our bodies.



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        I'm new too, 39 almost 40 with 2 kids. I've done a very low carb thing before and that was crazy-making because the whole focus was on no, no, no you can't have that.

        For the PB, I feel like it is a world full of yes! Yes you can sprint. Yes you can lift that heavy thing. Yes you can have a sweet potato if you are craving carbs. (um, at least the way I'm reading it - others may do differently.) And a world full of yes feels darn good.

        Good luck on your journey, I think you are as excited as I am for mine!


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          Welcome to the way food and living healthy should really be
          Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!


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            Oh wow, I am sooooo happy for your husband! I am pretty sure you're going to find the same success that he did!