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Hello from Fifi! New to PB, need likeminded friends and support!

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  • Hello from Fifi! New to PB, need likeminded friends and support!

    Hi All, I'm Fifi from Nigeria! I's a long way from where most of you are! Well, I got to find this website when I was researching the Paleo diet.

    I'm 36 years old and 5'4 currently weighing about 128 pounds. I don't consider myself fat or unhealthy, but I earn my living telling people what to eat, so I tend to explore diets a lot.
    I came across the Paleo diet online and I found there were many facets of the Paleo diet and then I stumbled upon MDA and loved what he was preaching because for me, I don't want to be on a diet. I want to maintain my weight and feel healthy with a Lifestyle change.
    I have always believed that the best diet for me was one void of Processed foods, believing that the recent surge of cancers and diseases are mostly caused by the foods we eat. But sometimes, it is tough to practice what you preach.
    So I was able to lay my hands on the Primal Blueprint and I am slowly devouring the contents. I read it everyday. I tried going Paleo some months ago but found it tough as not only did I go into it cold turkey, I was uneducated about it.
    So, now, here I am on this journey, rediscovering my body and learning to eat the right foods that are good for my mind and body. I am also trying to add fitness into it.
    I have been Primal for about four days now, and yes, I have cheated, but I am going with Mark's advise on the 80-20 rule. I know there will be days I will be 100% Primal ( I cant wait for those days) and some bad days where I will slip, but I intend to pick myself back up.
    Currently in my country, there's been a high rate of kidnapping so my workouts have to be indoors- either at home or at the gym. I intend to do a slow work almost everyday for 30 minutes and apply the exercises suggested for women by Mark in His Primal Blue Print fitness.
    I am looking forward to feeling healthier, losing a little weight- about 8 pounds? and reducing my body fat %. I also have some mild acne issues so i'm hoping my Primal lifestyle will take care of that!

    Will be glad to hear from everyone....Please feel free to add me as a friend! Cheers!

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    Welcone, Fifi!
    My journal:


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      Thanks Huarache Gal!


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        Hi Fifi good to "meet" you :-)


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          Hi SamK! Thanks for welcoming me!