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Dr Georgiana, Greetings All!

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  • Dr Georgiana, Greetings All!

    Just introducing myself. I love this site! I am a bit of a renaissance gal, with a background in art, film and psychology, and hold a PhD examined in anthropology and Celtic studies from the University of Edinburgh. I am also a hereditary shaman, and so, quite Primal! :-) A large chunk of my life has been about researching ancestral traditions and their value to us today. Over time, I've also found that the Primal diet suits me best. I've had a couple of issues which I'll ask about over time, but all in all it's an amazing program. Well done Mark!
    Here in Scotland the primal approach _really needs_ to come more into the public eye. Scots are getting massive, as are people in the UK in general, but the NHS still sticks to the same old starchy diet idea. My family have tended to be quite plump. (Mum Scotch/Irish, Dad Transylvanian/Bohemian/Hungarian, mountain folk are we, bodies by the Cairn Gorms and the Carpathians, limbs are less likely to fall off with frostbite if they're plumpy.)
    I've also tended to porkiness, it's been a bit of a struggle over the years. In my late twenties I did one of those low fat high starch diets and got down to an obsessively carefully measured 1200 calories a day and _still_ gained weight! I tried Atkins and Dukan (Du can't in my book) but I love my veg, so I just couldn't cope.
    Anyway, thanks a bunch and look forward to joining the community!
    Le Beannachdan, (With Blessings, in Gaelic)

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    Welcome, Dr Georgiana!
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      Welcome Georgiana! Glad to have you here. Too many here say "Grok probably . . . ." without doing any research.
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