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  • New member, some questions

    Hi, my name is Jasper and I am from the Netherlands. I found out about the paleo diet/primal bluebrint about a year ago and have since slowly started trying to alter my diet.

    My first question pertains to eggs and cholestrol. I have been eating a lot (about 7/day) of omega 3 enriched eggs because along with sardines they were the only fat/protein source with a balanced omega 6/3 ratio I could find around here.
    I am aware that cholestrol in and of itself is generally not considered a heart disease risk factor in paleo circles, but I thought I'd ask anyway if there could be any harm in my egg consumption.

    Another question I have is about a grass fed beef producer that recently started selling their products in the area, or at least they call it grass fed, but there was a sign at the vendor listing what the cattle had been fed and it included corn, beets and yeast dregs from beer production. These cows have definitely grazed on nature reserves in the area, but that list made me wonder wether this really is "grass fed" meat. Isn't corn fed meat a no no?

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    The main problem with eating too many eggs is that you may become sensitive to them. I don't know how often it happens, just that it happened to me, and other people say it happened to them. I recently found I can still eat unlimited egg yolks, but not egg whites. So when I want eggs I eat extra egg yolks.

    That producer is using a different definition of "grass-fed" than I have ever seen used. Sounds more like a marketing scam.


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      No problem with the eggs. Many here eat more than that.
      The US has a legal definition of "Grass-fed" which includes corn and other grains and products for feeding during winter when grass is not accessable. There is a defined amount of months the cattle must be on pasture. You'd have to google for this information.
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        I'm not sure there exists such a legal definition here, I guess I'll inquire with the producer.

        Regarding the omega 3 enriched eggs, this article claims they may actually be unhealthy due to the ALA in the chicken feed being oxydized?

        Beware of Misleading Omega-3 Claims

        Does anyone know more about this? I find it rather distressing...


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          I am also Dutch. If you live near wageningen there is a natuurboerderij there that has grassfed beef. You can also try I buy lots of meat from it is affordable, tastes great and can be delivered frozen, there is info on the farmers on the site.

          I don't stress about the Omega ratios, I eat salmon and supplement with omega3 fish oil.


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            Thanks for the recommendations. I live in Limburg and unfortunately there are no local suppliers here, except the questionable one I refer to in my first post.
            I am aware that there are some online vendors in this country but I only have a small freezer compartment in my fridge so large orders of meat are not really possible unless I decide to invest in a large freezer, which unfortunately I might have to.

            As for fish oil, I am not comfortable taking it unless it is somehow guaranteed not to contain oil from pacific fish. If you know of such a brand I'd love to hear it.