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Help me determine if PB is right for me.

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  • Help me determine if PB is right for me.

    Hi Folks

    A little background: I've had intestinal problems since childhood, testing revealed a very twisted intestine, so I do best keeping a softer diet. Soluble fiber is great for me. Insoluble is VERY hard on my stomach. So I eat soluble fiber based veggies and cooked insoluble fiber veggies. I am almost afraid to give up my daily morning oatmeal w/ fruit because I know it keeps things moving and I have struggled many years with finding a diet/foods that can help me have a quality life. How can I give up my soluble fiber oatmeal?...I know PB is no grains.

    Years ago I discovered limiting gluten helped, but didn't cure, my stomach problems and really helped decrease skin breakouts, so I pretty much eat grains like oats...and other starch like potato, corn, soy...

    Also, I've always gotten low blood sugar if I don't eat about every 2 hours...I hate it. I thought I needed to eat sugar/carbs to keep my blood sugar stable.

    I'm not looking to lose a ton of weight, as I am female, 5'5" and 140 lbs, but weight has gone up a bit and I would love to lose body body fat and firm up a bit.

    I can do jogging, walking, and lifting dumbbells for exercising- I used to do HIIT like jump rope and burpees but my new apartment has a rather rickety floor and doubt I should be jumping on it- and no garage or anything, so where can I do these HIIT activities? I'm worried about being able to keep up with the kind of fitness that PB requires.

    Anyway...I've actually already done some shopping from the PB shopping list and started eating this way a little bit...just wanted some input from the experts


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    Welcome Muffinz! Primal is not a rigid set of rules. You need to find what works for you.

    You should give up soy. Corn, oats and white rice are not too bad. Try to use organic, traditionally prepared corn and oats, e.g. old fashioned oats soaked overnight. Traditional corn tortillas. Potatoes are fine if you don't particularly need to lose fat. I eat all those things except oatmeal and do fine.

    What do you do for protein? You do need some animal food. At least eggs, and dairy if you tolerate it.

    If you switch to ore protein and fat, and less carbs, you will find that you don't need to eat as often. But women may need to eat more often than men. (Millions of years of men hunting and women gathering and nursing.)

    Good luck!
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      Cool, yay!
      I am happy to hear that about the oats. I just ordered the PB book too, so that will help guide me.
      Actually the other day I had chicken for lunch, with butter on it, and I didn't get the usual low blood sugar...