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    Hi, my name is Josh, I'm 23 and from Ohio. I've been husky and addicted to junk food most my life. Despite being over weight (topping out at 270 while being 5'9" last October) I never really experienced any adverse health conditions. Last November, however, a series of terrible health events began to occur, I was taken to the ER and urgent care multiple times and tons of tests were done but no cause was found. The back and forth between doctors (who did nothing but shake their heads) went on for five months until at my lowest (I won't even describe how near death I felt) my mom on a last ditch effort took me to a Chiropracter (I could no longer drive at this point) on March 28th.
    That, literally, saved my life. My spine was bent and posture was awful, last November I pulled both my back and neck which was too much trauma for my already pressured spine to handle. My top two vertebra jammed up into my skull placing pressure on my spinal cord. This caused a flood of nerve malfunctions throughout my entire body (my constant laying around "resting" was making it all even worse). My chiropractor was able to notice this immediately and has done wonders in helping to straighten and fix my spine. He told me to research core strengthening techniques which lead me here, to you lovely people.
    To my surprise the diet advocated here is pretty close to what my body was letting me eat lately without going off on me. This way of eating is the main reason my body has been recuperating so fast, according to my chiropractor, whom I trust more now than any other doctor. So why not go all the way primal?
    I have decided that I will never let myself get overweight and out of shape again, nerve damage can do that to you. Because of my 5 months of inactivity while I bounced between doctors, feeling worse and weaker all the while, I am going to start off slow. I've already been losing weight and feeling much better the past few weeks as I learn from my body what it wants.

    I look forward to diving in and learning as much as I can and getting to know you all.