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Hi, I'm new... but I'm not sure I'm doing this right. Please chime in!

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  • Hi, I'm new... but I'm not sure I'm doing this right. Please chime in!


    I've been lurking on this site for a few weeks and have slowly started consuming a primal diet.

    I am a 25 year old female that weight 240 and would like to lose 100 pounds. Medical issues consist of a large lipoma on my back that hurts a lot as well as once being told I had an underactive thyroid. I was on medication and then spent some time in England where I was told I had a normal thyroid. Since then I've lost medical coverage and don't really know where I stand on that, but am trying to gain medical coverage again....

    Eating primal makes me feel better but CW just makes it so difficult for me to wrap my mind around the fact that eating like this will allow me to lose weight (and not gain).

    Today I ate:
    Breakfast (11:00): Large sweet potato with butter and pepper
    Lunch (5:00): 1 pint of Ceviche, 4 small mandarins
    Dinner (10:30) ~6 oz. beef chunks sauteed in butter and broccoli with some butter

    I typically eat an egg and veggie scramble in the mornings followed by some raw fruit or veggies during the afternoon and meat and veggies at night. I do use butter though, and I am planning on having bacon tomorrow. I also like cheese, and eat blue cheese or swiss maybe 1 oz. 4 days a week. It is items like these (meat, cheese and butter) that just make me feel like I am doing something wrong.

    Also, I like dessert at night. Does anyone have a dessert every night? My favorites are Hagen Das ice cream or Black and Green 85% chocolate. I drink only water or unsweet tea.

    Any insight on my eating habits? Please don't be too harsh.... I've only started TPB but I really appreciate any guidance.

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    Welcome aboard! I've only been eating primal for a few weeks but am seeing some nifty results. I wish the same for you! Your menu looks delicious. Regarding the desserts, seems to me that folks on maintenance or those trying to gain weight are the only ones who seem to have dessert daily. It's not that those are forbidden items, just that eating them daily may not get you the results you're looking for. If you're not losing, consider dropping it (temporarily) and just enjoy for special occasions.


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      Hi Chickalia, I agree with Patti's feedback. I think you are heading into this quite well.

      You will soon get used to feeling great on meat and veges, eggs, cheese and butter that you wonder how you ever believed there was anything wrong with them. (Cheese is high calorie, so moderation while losing weight is wise, but it seems like you are already doing that).

      You could consider adding some more protein at lunch if you're only having veges and fruit, it could reduce your need for dessert. I think the dark chocolate is a good treat, but the icecream probably too sweet and likely to fuel cravings for more.

      Many food ideas in my journal if you want to check it out.

      Good luck.
      Annie Ups the Ante


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        Hi guys! Thanks for the quick replies. Yeah.. I figured dessert was a bad idea every day. I'm hoping that the cravings will eventually go away.. and that probably starts with dropping the ice cream as you guys mentioned.

        I'm glad to know you guys liked what I ate! That is awesome.

        Maybe I'll try fruit at night if I want something sweet or a tiny bit of almond butter.... I got mad at myself for eating 6 mandarins yesterday until I realized that that is a much better snack than what I use to eat.

        I should also mention that I really just can't afford free range eggs or grass fed meat. I'm unemployed and just can't squeeze that in right now. I know that isn't ideal... but it shouldn't mess with weight loss right?


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          No, it will still be better for you than any processed junk.
          Annie Ups the Ante


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            Great - Glad to know


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              The 85% chocolate should be fine as dessert. I ate one or 2 squares per day when loosing weight and lost 23 kilo in 7 months.
              You can make your own chocolate with 5 tbs coconut oil, 7 tbs cocoa, 2 tbs honey or some squares of dark chocolate added to add some sweetness if you need it. Melt together and pour in moulds. Put in fridge to set. Hardly any sugar and plenty of healthy fat. I usually add nuts, seeds and coconut shavings in the moulds or some cinnamon as extra flavour. Replace some coconut oil with cocoa butter if you want them to stay firm outside the fridge.
              Fruit is fine, berries and strawberries are best when loosing weight.

              Meat and butter are perfect to eat. Watch the amount of cheese and dairy if you need to loose weight and check if you tolerate dairy. I discovered i am sensitive to cowmilk (luckily i tolerate butter, cream and goatmilk) and going without has done wonders for my lungs and weight among other health benefits.
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                I think it is good enough to start with. Keep going.


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                  Your weight loss is inspiring paleodutch. I will just keep continuing what I'm doing. I'm sure I will feel a little more confident in what I'm choosing to eat once I get more into TPB and see some physical results, although I must say, I feel much better and sleep better already.