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  • Primal for 12 months

    Hello, I started following a primal way of eating a little over 12 months ago. It's been easy. I have several food allergies (soy, eggs, some shellfish and almonds), but find plenty to eat. Ok, the nut and egg ones make some recipes difficult, but on the whole, my meals resemble the Paleo MyPlate of half animal, half plants. I look forward to reading the forum and learning.


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    Hello Lauri. 12 months, that's great. What differences have you found.

    I like the 50:50 plate concept, much easier to imagine than calorie percentages of this and that.
    Annie Ups the Ante


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      Hi Annie,
      I have found the usual, lol. Sleep is better, energy level was way up in the beginning. Having been GF and avoiding soy already made the transition easier and so I have little to no cravings, although there are no "safe starches" for me. Carrots and sweet potatoes make me want sugar, so I keep them to a minimum. I had no previous health issues beyond needing to lose weight and a little post-injury arthritis in my knee. I had no pain in my knee this past winter, that was a pleasant surprise. My blood glucose and cholesterol have risen, which concerns my doctor. I pointed out that monitoring the cholesterol was useless as I will not go on statins, that both are probably the result of going from a sugar metabolizer to a fat metabolizer and that both would settle down once I have lost sufficient weight. She's not so sure, but is not willing to nag

      BTW, I'm getting some good meal ideas from your primal journey page.
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