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    Hi all,

    I've posted once before but have not introduced myself. I live in North Carolina, and have been Primal since Jan 1st. I actually lost 40 lbs last year, but gained it all back plus ten pounds when I started eating carbs again in June. I'm 52 and have lost 30lbs since this most recent start. I weigh 229 and my goal is 190. My wife says I will be skin and bones at that weight, but I plan to find out one way or the other. I'm pretty obssesive about my goal right now, but I promise myself I will chill by June 1st; hoping to be at 215 by then. I don't really have the money to go the grass fed route (child in college), so I eat alot of canned fish (mackerel---6500 mg's EPA/DHA), eggs, chicken, spinach, some fruit, salsa, and almonds. I supplement with Potassium and Magnesium, and I suspect this is why I look so much healthier this time around. Last year people would ask me or my friends if "I was OK?"; I'm pretty sure they thought I had cancer and the fact was that I didn't look that healthy.
    I weighed 12'13" when I was born (poor mom, no C-section for her). I don't think my mother had gestational diabetes but something was definitely out of wack. I could never understand why my brothers and cousins were all lean and strong, and I was weak and flabby. Green things didn't cross my lips; all I wanted was PBJ's, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. Leave it to Gary Taubes to help me find the answer--I think; I suspect more insulin secreting cells were created in-utero than my kin, and I've been battling the beast ever since. Thanks to the USAF and a wife that loves to exercise, I stayed in OK physical health, just fat and flabby. Finally ended up on the "fat boy" program in 1998, and this pretty much ended promotion opportunities in the military. I retired in 2006, and promptly increased to 293 lbs; I'm 6'2". Used standard dieting techniques to get to 253, and yo-yo'd back an forth between 250-270 until last year. Of course I could only maintain it for a while before the PBJ's and potato chips, etc were back on board.
    Any way, I have some old photo's of myself at 253 in 2010 while preparing for another Bill Phillips challenge; never could finish them, I just got too hungry. I plan to post those and the new me in December when I reach the end of the alloted time I established to reach 190. I no longer have sugar lows, and my blood sugar stays in the 80's most of the time. I am constantly in ketosis, and I suspect I will have to stay low carb for the rest of my life (<100g), to maintain my accomplishments. I'm OK with that, 50 years of eating junk is enough, and I sure don't want to be a broken down old man begging the government to pay for diabetes care, or knee replacements, etc. I'm really sad for all the people who haven't done the research to know that the "powers that be" have really started this whole mess in our nation. I mean 100 million diabetics if current trends continue (saw headline yesterday; "one in three"); not me brother!
    Once again hello everyone, sorry if this post sounds dis-jointed. I just have so much to say, I'm so excited, and I see my ribs!

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    Hi Brad, great to read your intro. So glad primal is working so well for you. The weight loss and elimination of sugar lows are wonderful. Well done on all your research and sticking to your plan. All the best for reaching your goals.
    Annie Ups the Ante


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      thanks for sharing

      wish you good luck and good health

      stick with it


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        Good to know about you. Keep sharing and all the best.