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  • Hi from Wyoming

    I've been a casual visitor to MDA for a couple of years now, have one of his books and cookbook. I've been grain free for 18 months (with a once-in-a-while slip up at the movies... I just can't quite quit the popcorn but I'm working on it). I have two - gallon containers of coconut oil in the cupboard, a bottle of upgraded MCT oil for my decaf and a freezer full of fish, shellfish and meat.

    I'm 66 years old, 5' 9.5" and currently weigh 231 pounds. UGH. I have tried damn near everything. Last Fall I found out my reverse T3 was too high so was put on synthetic T3 for a few months. I added in 50mg of iodoral to the 25mcg of sT3 and a few weeks ago had my levels checked. My T3/RT3 ratio is now over 20 which (according to the STTM site is where it's supposed to be). I have stopped the sT3 and dropped the Iodoral to 12.5mg daily.

    I also found out last year my vitamin D levels are in the basement. 3 courses of prescription D3 didn't do the trick. I finally gave up, went to the local tanning salon and after 2 months of three times a week 7-10 minute sessions my levels went from 30 to 41ng/dl. Yay me.

    In the Fall of 2007 I went on the Jenny diet. 18 months and a LOT of hunger later I had dropped a piddling 58 pounds. The last 6 months of the diet I only dropped EIGHT POUNDS. I went from 241 to 182 (briefly) before the scale began its upward trek once again.

    The following year I tried hcg and it took nearly 9 months to drop 20 pounds.


    The last year I have been following a certain neurosurgeon. I did the leptin Rx for over a year. I haven't dropped an ounce.

    I also haven't been working out because I have nearly no energy. I'm about to change that. I joined a local gym and have my Fred Hahn book SLOW BURN and notepad ready to go. As soon as the weather permits I'll be starting out walking around the neighborhood.

    My biggest problem has never been that I overate ... it has been that I didn't eat. When I was in my 30's I stayed slim by simply not eating. With no family to worry over it was easy. Hubby worked on the railroad and was gone all the time. No kids except the dogs and cat so who knew or cared if I ate or didn't. At one point I was going on 700 calories a day and got my weight down to 132 pounds. I was so excited. A few months later my body retaliated and I gained 30 pounds in one year and pretty much changed nothing in the eating department. It's been a skyward climb ever since.

    Anyway. I refuse to give up until they plant me. So here I am. I've signed up for the meal delivery plan. I'm going to go read Mark's book again. And I AM going to get moving. something's gotta give.

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    welcome on board,

    have a nice stay here on MDA
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