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Cheechos Loves Meat (An Informal Greeting)

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  • Cheechos Loves Meat (An Informal Greeting)

    Hello all! I'm new to these forums, so I thought I'd introduce myself. You may call me Cheechos, Cheechie, Cheech, or any other variation of my screen name that you can think of.

    Trigger Warning: In the next paragraph, I talk about things that could make you uncomfortable/trigger you if you have a history of ED. The remaining content should be fine, though.

    Though I only started my primal journey about a month ago, I have been fascinated with the diet and lifestyle for much longer than that. As a young woman who has always struggled with her weight and how she let that weight define her, I was a bit hesitant at first to jump on the primal bandwagon. You see, I have spent most of my life hating myself and hating my body, two things that led to me frequently trying (and failing) to shed pounds so that I could finally become acceptable to myself. Despite my best efforts over the years, my dalliances with dud diets only ever caused an increase in my body weight. This constant gaining over time became such a source of self-loathing and disgust for me that one day it finally made me crack; a little over two years ago, I became so desperate to stop the climb of the scale numbers that I started crash dieting to lose weight. I was already a binge eater, so switching from one form of disordered eating to another was an unfortunately seamless act. I dropped from 285lbs to 230lbs in a brief time frame full of obsessive calorie counting, fasting, excessive exercise, and extreme intake sabotage (there was a time when I'd spray Windex and other chemicals onto food to keep me from eating it).

    After a while of torturing myself, I hit a plateau that lasted for months. No matter what I did, I was unable to lift the anchor my body had dropped at 230lbs. Frustrated and sick to death of being unhappy, I stopped my efforts and started channeling my energy into body positivity, something I'd discovered by chance. I ended up becoming a proud member of the fat acceptance movement and found a sense of peace and happiness that I had been lacking my whole life. Obviously, almost all of the weight I'd lost with my unhealthy habits came back, but I didn't let it stop me from being happy (or relatively fit--no prediabetes or signs of heart disease for me!). At this point, it's probably easy to see why I'd shy away from another "diet;" my relationship with food was shaky for a long time even after I stopped being so intensely focused on making it my enemy. I didn't want to slip into another sandpit of obsessing over what I was supposed to eat or what I was supposed to weigh at the end of every week.

    Despite my wariness, however, I decided to push ahead with going primal when I felt stable enough to do so. In my first week, I cut out all grains and processed sugars and WOW! I was suddenly rid of ailments I didn't even know I had until the absence of them became apparent. Bloating? Gone. Excessive gas? Barely a burp after dinner. Even the chronic scalp itch I have from severe dandruff scaled down from a daily annoyance to a background whisper. I was so happy. There was some weight loss, but nothing that I paid much attention to.

    I will admit, though, that after this first week I started slacking. Desserts are a weakness of mine and I started eating my old favorites--cookies, ice cream, etc. Due to those slip ups, this is going to be the beginning of my official second week of primal intake. I'm going to toss all of that processed stuff and get back on the wagon, and what better way to ride on a wagon than with other travelers? So, here I am! I don't know how active I will be on these forums, but I did want to share my story and actively greet you all in case I do end up sticking my fingers into everything here. From what I've seen, weight loss has been a major motivator for most people who post. It isn't for me, but if I do end up as one of the more slender folk then that's okay with me.

    Thanks for reading my intro! I know it's a little wordy, so I really appreciate it if you stuck it out until the end. ♥

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    Hi Cheechos! Welcome!

    Don't just get on the wagon. Get in the driver's seat. Find how to make primal work for you.

    Judging from lots of prehistoric sculptures, Grok would have thought you were beautiful.

    How about searching through recipes here for appealing Primal desserts?
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      Why thank you, Hedonist! ♥ I am thinking about checking those out. I didn't even know there were primal/paleo equivalents of stuff like brownies until recently.