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    Hi. New to Primal, but have been eating low (very low) carb for 6.5 weeks.

    7 pounds lost. I know that isnt terribly bad and that Mark says 1-2 pounds can be expected.

    My MAJOR problem is that I am EXTREMELY bloated as if my stomach is frozen outwards. Very uncomfortable and it makes me even look bigger. I dont understand it.

    I admit:

    1. Have not started the 21 day plan yet, but have been eating low carb. Plan to start Monday
    2. A good amount of vegetables, but probably enough
    3. Liberal amounts of meats and seafoods--I really eat alot of these (including uncured bacon)
    4. Up until recently (when I got into the book) I was unwittingly eating some forbidden stuff: Mayo, processed meats, blue cheese dressing (soybean oil).
    5. I pretty much dont pay too much attention to volume

    But even on days where my volume is lower, the bloating is OUT OF CONTROL. I'm a big guy, but I have never felt this uncomfortable. It's like a huge medicine ball sticking out even more unnaturally.

    My questions are:

    Are numbers 1-5 to blame big time?
    Isn't the weight loss not enough and not fast enough?
    What is with this bloating?

    Thanks very much for your help. I am ready to be scolded. I want this to to work!

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    Hi. Welcome.

    1. You don't have to do the 21 day plan.
    2. You don't have to eat lots of vegetables. Some here don't eat any. (I do.) Are you eating more veg than pre-Primal or ones you haven't eaten before?
    3. Good. Eat lots of meat and seafood. More than you used to? Any you didn't eat before?
    4. I assume you have eaten these in the past without problems.
    5. Don't worry about volume as long as you mostly eat meat, fat and veg.

    I don't see how 1-5 is causing bloating. The weight loss seems fine.
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      Bloating maybe a result of an intolerance to one or more foods or perhaps a combination. You may have to start at scratch ie: eat something to see if you react. Slowly introduce more and more foods to establish what the triggers are.

      For me I get bloated after bread, working on wether its the wheat or gluten I react to or both.

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        I agree with Strong-as-Oak that you could have a sensitivity or intolerance to something you are eating that is causing the bloating. I never realized I had a slight sensitivity to grains until I cut them out and the bloating after meals that made me look 6 months pregnant magically disappeared. I know you don't eat grains, but it could certainly be something else. Some people are sensitive to eggs or nightshades, for example.

        Also, weight loss isn't linear. Sometimes it takes people a month or two to get acclimated to the new diet and lifestyle and only then do they start seeing significant weight loss. 7 pounds in 6 weeks is nothing to sneeze at though, that's a little over a pound a week, well within the 1-2 pound average that Mark gives. Just stick with it and you will see results. Good luck!


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          Are you eating something now that you didnt eat before? What have you ADDED to your diet in the past 6 weeks?

          Instead of stepping on the scale, pay attention to how you feel, what hunger feels like, what 'full' feels like, how certain foods make you feel when you eat them.

          Have you tried intermittent fasting? What does your belly do when you DON'T eat? Are you in pain? Constipated?

          You may want to look into these variations of paleo/primal: FODMAPS diet, GAPS diet, Paleo autoimmune protocol.
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