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  • Intro and Primal questions

    Hello everyone! I'm so happy to be here! I found this w.o.e. Just at a time when I've been advised to reduce stress, and reduce sugar/alcohol/caffeine/chocolate in my life due to adrenal exhaustion and uterine fibroids. I've been gluten free for about a year already, but am now staying strong at 100% GF, no cheats

    In 2007 I followed the Lindora Lean for Life program. I lost 55lbs in 4 months! It was the first time I've ever been able to stick to a way of eating, or lose any significant weight. It was a low carb/low fat plan, which allowed some grain, morning only, each day. Unfortunately, I followed it in a very unhealthy way, eating fake sugar with my coffee, drinking diet soda (blech!), and eating their protein chocolate bars, which were DIVINE and full of god-knows-what-un-pronounce-ables. It was a bad thing to do to my body, but it made it possible for me to stick to it.

    Life happened in an traumatic stressful way, and I fell off the wagon. I gained back about 15 lbs, and never reached my goal weight. Luckily it was only 15, and not all of it +more!! The thought of going back on the plan was really repulsive, so I've been eating "clean"" and healthy for several years since then, plus actually exercising regularly for the first time in my life (woo hoo!) Unfortunately, 100 workouts later, I've not lost a single pound. I've gained tone and muscle strength of course, and I'm happier and more energetic... but...yeah, I'd like to see some results in the "I need to buy smaller clothes now" category ; )

    So I googled for a low carb plan that was healthier, and this is what I found!! Yay!

    I really appreciate the emphasis on being dedicated to the PB, but also being easygoing on myself, sleeping enough, playing, and getting sunshine.

    What I would love to do is lose 30 lbs (or more!) without COUNTING anything. So I've started my program this past monday, April 1st , (but I'm not kidding ; ), and I've allowed myself to ease into it, finishing off my GF bread and potato supply, and having a drink (ok, 3) with my friend who visited 3 days later. I've had some headaches, and cravings. I've eaten a bit of chocolate here and there, and some blueberry fro/yo.

    I've found that dried fruit, and fruit with nuts are great craving busters for me, but I need to know what the recommendations are. I haven't read the book yet, so I'm wondering if there's a more comprehensive yes/no list of what I can/should eat?

    Here's all the stuff I've wondered about in the past week:
    -How much fruit should I eat?
    -Is it ok to just eat a bunch of fresh/dried fruit to fight cravings in the beginning? and then reduce later? or will that keep me as a sugar burner?
    -I'm trying to eat as many green veggies as I can, but I'm feeling a little..heavy... from all the meat/protein. Is there a way to find a juicier balance? Should I just eat more greens? Should I try juicing?
    -When I did the Lean for Life program, eating 60-70 carbs a day, we were advised to take a fiber supplement to keep things moving, is this advised for PB? It was a low fat plan too, so maybe that's why we needed it?
    -I read a post about buying chicken with bones and skin. Are we supposed/allowed to eat some chicken skin??
    -are there any approved sweeteners aside from stevia? (I've never been a fan of that aftertaste)
    -I have a Curves membership. I go about 3x a week. It's 30 minutes of cardio combined with hydraulic resistance machines. I've been going for over a year (which is a huge achievement for me!!). I've been getting a little bored with it, but am back with a gusto now. I had been considering cancelling and switching to a yoga membership. My question is, is this curves workout a good part of the PB plan? Or a drain for my body? I can add in “picking up heavy things” and a little sprinting too. Does that sound alright?

    I think that's all for now! Thanks for any feedback!



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    well I wish you success for sure and you can have it! Sounds like you have the right attitude

    I personally eat loads of fresh green leafy veggies of many sorts, I love them and they love me - I have butter all over mine

    instead of the fruit I have some extra virgin coconut oil or some grass fed cream (I whip it up with a whisk and eat it like ice cream) and I think that they will stop your cravings

    great eggs, grass fed beef, wild meat (game), fish especially wild, good fats and lots of greens... will make you feel great in no time


    ps I am a big juicer = of veggies not fruit (unripe pineapples and occasional pear to mask veggie taste) but some on this site don't agree, they say eat the veg. I eat the veg too - juicing gets you a big dose of nutrients straight down the pipe without having to digest, plus you get plenty of live enzymes
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      I would go for meat and veges as much as possible, also eggs and veges.

      For weight loss, go easy on the fruit, maybe one piece a day. Also be very careful with nuts and dried fruit, they are primal but also can stall weight loss.

      Exercise but don't overdo it.
      Annie Ups the Ante


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        Hmmm. Ok, I'll work on decreasing the fruit this week.

        Maybe green juice with ginger and carrot will do the trick. I love the whipped cream idea! yum! Thanks!