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Hola from Fort Knox, Ky!

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  • Hola from Fort Knox, Ky!

    Yep, I'm new here and went primal on April 1st, yippee!!

    My goal is to grab all the health benefits that I've read about here...losing weight will be icing on the cake. For the past couple years I've had some issues with knees, lower back and right shoulder. For some reason my right shoulder just tightens up whenever I go for a fast jog. My lower back is a leftover injury from deployment from a year and a half ago. The knee, I tore my meniscus and cal but not bad enough for surgery.

    Sooooo...! Enought about the injuries. Like I said I started on Monday and everything is going pretty good. The few difficulties I've had have been with, feeling hungry more often than not and a few minor headaches.

    Age - 43
    How Primal - I'd say 95% so far.
    Dairy - Cheese and Yogurt on occasion
    Coffee and tea - Yes, mostly coffee
    Motivation - Health and see description above
    Favorite exercise - Cycling and lifting weights
    Favorite primal food - Bacon hands down!
    Best part of being primal - Health improvements
    Worst part - giving up sugar (also one of the best parts since I expect drastic health changes... I ate and drank (sodas) a lot of sugar!!)

    Anyway, Glad to be here!
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    I've been waking up with slight headaches the last couple of days and hungry. Is this normal?