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    Good afternoon Primal Community,

    I am overly excited to join the Primal Community and have begun my primal journey as of Monday 4/1/13. I read the post about what to expect starting out and it was extremely helpful. Last night and right now, it seems I am experiencing carb flu. It is certainly a bizarre, sudden, inexplicable illness that sucks! But now I know what it is, so that's ok!

    As many in the community probably have, I stumbled upon this website. In my case I stumbled upon it reading past posts from another blog I am a subscriber of: zenhabits. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am (second time) to have found it.

    Just a little background on me, I am from the city and have been a corner store shopper for most of my life. Being on my own the passed 4 years I have learned to eat "healthier". Despite this effort and being an active athlete most of my life (basketball), adult life caused me to live a more sedentary life. As a result, the passed two years I've developed allergies to just about everything, out of nowhere; my digestive system is shot; my respiratory system is shot due to my allergies; i am the heaviest i've been in my entire life; i keep getting spontaneous leg injuries; i now have acne; and the list goes on. In the matter of 2 years, I went from turning my nose to the thought of taking medication, to being a pill popping, inhaler taking maniac. Worried that my health will turn into a catastrophe, I knew that a better diet would be the key to potentially saving my life. The starting point being my eating habits (or so I thought).

    Reading just about every blog on zenhabits to try and personally change my eating habits, I quickly learned that the prescribed "start small rule" was not for me. I have been a fighter all of my life and this bit by bit approach, although absolutely sound and logically, was too slow for me. I needed to just dive right in. Also, I needed to develop an eating habit that included a fitness component in parallel. I continued sifting through the past bogs on this site until I stumbled across a particular blog (i forget which one, sorry!) that included a program that featured guest blogger materials and support. Mark was one of those guest bloggers. I went MDA that day, read up on the Primal Blueprint idea and decided to subscribe to the blog. I have been hooked since. The free materials were amazing for getting me started with the primal lifestyle. From them, I immediately begin to set up my workout plan and cold turkey cut out eating unhealthy stuff. To get the full idea of the lifestyle, I have ordered the book (which I should have this weekend) to fully transition to a total primal living. This was only about two weeks ago.

    What intrigued me about the lifestyle is that it just makes absolute sense. Being an intellectual and primal at heart, it was as if this lifestyle was designed for me. I no stickler for doing what everyone else is doing. It has to make sense and it has to be simple and universal. The Primal Blueprint, I believe, does this. Not only will it help with my physical ailments, I believe it will aid in the personal, social, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of me as well. I have long been known as a too serious, all work-no-play, buzz-killing, tree-hugging super woman (go figure). Now I get to debunk and live up to those things (respectively) to help me live a more well rounded and intentional life.

    I have already encouraged my best friend, more serious athlete, to join the community and take the journey with me, so hopefully you will meet her soon, too.

    In the meantime, I will take care of myself and look forward to the positive transformations that I am confident will begin to manifest in my life.

    Thank you all for your stories, advice and support and I look forward to meeting and hearing from you.


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    Welcome! I'm glad Primal is going well for you!
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      hey Quinnques, I've been doing primal for about 2 weeks also....good on you for taking the step to look after yourself. I can feel your excitement, and it completely echoes mine! See you around the forums xo


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        Thank you Hedonist2.

        One day at a time.


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          Thank you Beau.

          It is encouraging to have others walking along with you on this journey. Thanks for taking the time to reply.


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            I'm there with u Quinn, I just started on Monday also! Lets do this.


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              Let me know how it's going for you TMo. 1 week in and still recovering from carb flu. Makes it very difficult to have energy for your day. working overnight this weekend probably didn't help ether. I'm hoping that my energy levels increase as the week goes on so that I can get into the fitness aspect of the Primal life. As for the diet, I am still going strong only eating primal, but it is really nice out today and ice cream is sounding like a good idea to me. I won't give in though. I will try to find a fresh squeezed juice alternative to curb my craving. In the meantime, I'd like to hear about your progress and challenges as well as some feedback on mine.



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                Welcome to this community. Hope u can have a nice stay here.
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