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Getting Back to PB After a Tough Time!

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  • Getting Back to PB After a Tough Time!

    Hey there,

    Let's see, I am a 25 year old guy just making the move to Baltimore from the DC area.

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and share a little of my story. About a year and a half ago, I went through a very tough time. Not to go into too many gory details, but the Penn State scandal brought back some really bad memories of my past that I had hid for a really long time. All I'll say about it is that I finally hit rock bottom (mentally, emotionally, with the physical side effects that you might expect), eventually sought out the help that I needed over the last year, and am on the mend!

    A big part of that recovery for me was getting back to a healthy lifestyle. When I was younger, I was always in what I thought was pretty good shape, weighed about 155-165, and just lived an active lifestyle. As it stood, about 4 months ago, I was 235 and very sedentary, didn't get outside much, etc.

    So I read PB, and man, I was hooked. I checked out paleo resources, looked into ancestral health, and it all just made so much sense to me. I took off with it, and was eating great and very active for about 6 weeks. In those six weeks, I lost over 30 pounds, and was feeling great. Sad news is that I had a bit of a relapse with my situation (long story), fell off the wagon, and more or less went back to how I was living before.

    Well, in the 2 months or so since then, it's crystal clear that I was so much happier living the PB lifestyle than I have been doing what I've been doing (not only because I gained back about 17 pounds of what I lost!). I'm more motivated than ever to start again, and so yesterday I cleaned out my fridge and pantry, and am getting ready to go to the store to stock up on some goodies.

    As I start, I think it's important to be aware of my weaknesses: I am SUCH a sugar addict, and I don't use that term addict lightly. If there are cookies, ice cream, anything around, I need to have it. So it's gonna take willpower every day at the beginning to block those out. On the fitness side, I am prone to get frustrated by how easily I get tired these days and how out of shape I am - so different when I could go out and never get tired when I was younger. And when I don't see progress by leaps and bounds, I can give up easily. So I need to fight that every step of the way.

    I guess in general, what PB gives me is not just physical health - I can honestly say that it just makes me HAPPIER. It's not only the results that give me faith in PB, it's how good the process feels every step of the way. So I gotta get started again, wish me luck!

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    Good luck! I honour you for coming back to what you know is good for you. I am an emotional eater too...I know what that is like...hope its easier for you this time around <3