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  • Finally looking for my clan

    Hello, fellow pb'ers! I read PB a couple of years ago, and have been following it--sometimes very loosely--since. It's difficult to stay strict when everyday is a struggle to keep the spouse and three little ones on track and motivated. Salad no make happy as reward So I'm hoping that by hanging out here I can find that extra encouragement to not give in to cries of "Pizza! Pizza!" when it's Friday at 6 pm, the baby has been up for 2 nights straight, I have lettuce and almond butter in the fridge, and the two things I want most in the world are quiet and a solitary shower.

    Looking forward to making some friends!

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    Do the best you can. You don't have to do it perfectly. If you are going to do carbs, do clean ones like white rice and potatoes, corn tortillas, sweet potatoes. Organic if you can. With lots of butter, aged cheese and other healthy fats. Kids need more carbs and generally enjoy these. Get as much rest and sleep as you can. I know it is hard.

    You didn't mention exercise. Don't worry about it.
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      Hi! Thanks for the reply! I do feed the kids sweet/white potatoes, and we eat mostly organic. We have our own chickens, so that helps. I made the mistake of reading The Perfect Health Diet and tried incorporating white rice and potatoes into my own diet--I gained about 6 lbs in 3 weeks and my cravings were off the charts! My husband and kids do well with the added carbs, but unfortunately I don't. Oh well.

      I just really miss sleep and working out!