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Helloo from the far north of Scotland

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  • Helloo from the far north of Scotland

    Hi everyone,
    I've been primal (mainly) for nearly three weeks now and have been enjoying all of your posts so thought I should take the plunge and introduce myself.
    I'm amazed that I have been able to stick to it for so long as an entrenched sugar and carb addict.
    I was diagnosed with M.E. and fibromyalgia about 16 months ago and have gained about 30lbs since then which doesn't help with my energy levels. Since starting to eat primaly I have already noticed a big difference in my energy levels so I need to stay with it. The hardest thing has been giving up cereal and I still have the occasional bowl of porridge - I'm not hungry but I am definitely an emotional eater...
    Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better :-)

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    Welcome! I hope Primal goes well for you!

    Porridge is far from the worst thing you could eat, provided you use old fashioned oats soaked overnight. An occasional bowl won't do you any harm.

    Interesting post from the Weston A. Price Foundation The Good Scots Diet.
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        hello fellow Brit!

        Good luck, eat lots of delicious food, especially fat and get some exercise and weights more than anything

        I've been treating fibromyalgia sufferers for a dozen years in my practice and the common factors amongst those that get better (and you can get better) is good food, lots of sleep, fresh air, exercise and regularly doing things that please you whether that be a picnic, going to theatre, candlelit bathing, playing with grand kids/nephews/nieces etc and anything else that raises your serotonin levels

        consistency is also crucial in my experience, stay strong and don't slip into the 'just this once won't hurt' mentality when it comes to grains, refined sugar and other non-recommended foodstuffs

        you must be able to get some great primal products up where you are? grass fed beef and butter?


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          Hi there - and welcome from Edinburgh!


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            Thanks for the welcome and suggestions. Yes, we get v good beef up here, not so sure about butter, all the local farmers produce meat, not dairy...maybe that's a sign!


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              I have only just started my Primal Journey and wish you the best in yours.

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                Wow, you are even further north than I am, I'm about 15 miles north of Inverness. Good luck in your primal journey.


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                  Although veg can be a bit difficult to get you are in the perfect place to go Primal. I lived in the Far North of Scotland for over 8 years. The butchers often let you know which farm the beef came from, you have access to fresh fish at the mongers etc. Plus some of the farms produce fantastic eggs. Go talk to the forestry department, they have to cull the deer herds and you can often pick up a whole venison for a song. You still have to butcher it but it is lovely.

                  There used to be a number of dairy farms around Wick that produced local milk and ice-cream but they now sell direct to the big milk producers. You can still get Caithness cheese and I used to be able to get some amazing French cheeses in Inverness.
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                    Dirlot - if you are ever over here again then a visit to the Cheese House in Cromarty is a must. Its Dutch owned but has cheeses from all over. It has only recently opened and I think its a bit brave opening a specialist cheese shop in the back of beyond so I am doing my best to keep them in business, as my weekly cheese bill will testify!