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  • Back on the bandwagon?

    So, I first went primal about 2 years ago. And man, it was AWESOME. I went from a completely unhealthy 225 to 180 and dropping, until I didn't. I was eating primally, fasting, sprinting, working out, and feeling awesome... until I wasn't. Fast forward about 6 months. I am beating myself up, eating primal Monday through Thursday, then not Friday through Sunday. Fast forward a year and a half, I broke the 200lb mark again, which I promised I would never do, I feel terrible, I'm breaking out and I have no energy. And it sucks.

    I want to get back to living primally and feeling good and April Fools Day sounds like as good as any day to start, albeit ironic. I want my jeans and shirts I bought as a new man to fit again, instead of hanging in my closet as a silent reminder of my skinny days. I want to like myself again.

    So here's my question- how many of you have been in this place? And how the hell do we jump back in?

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    How long were you on Paleo last time around? I've known about it for some 3 years but didn't finally go fully onto the diet until last November so thats 4 months for me now. And yes I feel awesome, although I don't work out much other than some weights. I've had a few false dawns prior to November, but I reached a point in my life where I badly needed something to intervene and give me the energy to turn my life around - I was jobless and generally in a bad place. Sometimes needs must. So far it's been very successful. I did it by doing it in weekly stages, so for me it was as follows:

    Week 1: Cut out refined sugar - bread, chips, pizza etc still allowed
    Week 2: Cut out bread
    Week 3: Cut out all processed foods apart from chips
    Week4 : Go full paleo only eat veg, fruits, meats, but don't worry about oils used etc
    Week 5: Begin to refine it further, now that the main eating habits are in place - look more into ingredients, cooking oils used.

    It worked for me hugely and made the habits easier to stick. By allowing myself chips until week 4 I found I didn't really even want to eat them by the end of the second week, I supassed my own expectations. I've had a couple of blowouts, the biggest one being 2 weeks ago when I collided with a McDonalds, and man did I feel rough the next day, not from guilt but from what I'd actually eaten - food hangovers really do exist!

    Did something happen to throw you off the rails? I've heard of people who went on holiday and lost momentum, or a change of job might do it?
    Healthy is the new wealthy.


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      Owen-- that's a really good idea. I'm impressed you decided on what to cut out what weeks. Plus, it gives you a certain goal to obtain each week.

      I was originally fully primal for about 10 months, and then you guessed it, I went on vacation with my family. Mentally, vacation meant "full vacation" and my brain dumped all rules it had learned over weeks and months. At the end of the time, I got back into eating well, but decided to try to include a few items that I really missed, like oats. What changed, however, was my retention of Mark's 80/20 rule, and where I used to follow that religiously, I started to slide into 70/30, then 50/50, then who the hell knows what.

      I also tracked religiously for those first 6 months. I stopped tracking after vacation, and then as many times I've tried to restart, but never formed the habit again.


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        Yes I really stumbled on a very effective way of taking control of diet. Cutting out sugar first worked well for me because I find sugar is the most destabilising, ie if I'm eating sugary foods I'm liable to combine that with the other stuff as well - bread, chips etc.

        You're almost negotiating with yourself - so in week one it was 'Ok so I can't eat the chocolate ice cream but I'm having some chips later' and then in week 2 it was 'ok no mre chips now either but I'm having a pizza on friday'. But by week 4, I wasn't even needing to compromise, my habits were changing and I was just enjoying all the paleo food instead.
        Healthy is the new wealthy.


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          Hey pk79, I have not eaten the primal way before, but when I was raw vegan I had times of just not giving a shit anymore because something would happen that would make me feel bad about myself, so i would self sabotage and just go 'Stuff it!'.

          I would say this to you. When you are thinking about eating crap, just remember how crap you felt about yourself when you would do this. Actually be real with yourself and ask yourself if you really want to feel like that again. That is what I am doing. I just don't want to feel sick anymore!!! I hate it!

          GL to you! xoxox