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  • Hi!

    Hi, I'm Hubbert from sunny Kent in the UK. I'm just starting out on my Primal journey at the ripe old age of 46.

    I thought I was keeping pretty fit until I stumbled across Primal, so I'll be interested to see how I look/feel in a few months' time...

    Not being in charge of the food shopping or preparation in my house, I might cause a bit of inconvenience to other family members and I'd appreciate any suggestions as to how to handle that side of things, after all, just because I decide to go Primal, doesn't mean everyone has to...

    Also, if any UK folk can recommend nutrition sources in the UK for stuff other than what can be bought at my local farm shop, I'd be grateful...


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    Hello. As the woman of the house, who prepares all the meals, I would advise that you not expect your spouse to cook 2 menus for each meal. One for you and one for everyone else. Eat the parts of the meal that are primal (hopefully something is) and make the rest yourself.

    It's important that your wife not think that her cooking isn't good enough for you or that she made you unhealthy. That's why you should eat the appropriate part of the meal that she has prepared and compliment her on the flavor and quality of the food.

    Also clean up after yourself.


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      That's exactly the kind of sensible, logical advice I knew I would find here! Thanks! We eat pretty healthily anyway so yes, there's usually plenty that's Primal...