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    Went primal just two week ago and can not believe how easy it is.

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    Hehe - welcome to the club It so easy it is fun and very rewarding after a while.
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      Seriously! I keep getting comments on how much weight I've lost and they ask..."Is it all the training and working out? Do you have to really count your calories?" They look at me like I have antlers when I tell them that I found it really easy to lose over 30 lbs and that I cook everything in bacon grease.


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        I agree, only one week in and so much easier than counting carbs and weighing food!
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          I completely agree. For me its been more than just losing cravings and weight, I have so much energy that I forgot I had. At first it took some focus and discipline, but now its like second nature.
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            Yep, life changing for real. I'm amazed particularly at the super reduced hunger, in fact, I'm still getting rid of some CW mantras and I almost get scared and think "OMG my body's shutting down, not being hungry means I'm eating away at myself!!" then I relax and understand that when you eat what you should, give your body what you need, it doesn't prompt you for more.

            I have to remember to eat sometimes though, which kinda freaks me out. However, as my lifts get progressively heavier (little by little, like 5lbs a week per lift) I figure I have to be on the right track. My sprints are on point as well and I pretty much just eat once or twice a day. The second time though it's a smaller meal, just not that hungry. It's a great lifestyle, I have so much time for other things.
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