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  • Primal? Yes, please!

    Hello everyone! I've been primal for a while and ghosting the forums so I thought I'd just drop in and say, I'm watching you. And you.

    And especially you.

    I am a strong believer in the 'move a lot at a slow pace' theory and walk 5.2 miles with my partner every day except at my part time job, where I make sure to be standing for my 7 hours shifts. To date I've lost 83 pounds eating Primally and tracking calories (plus that walking) and though I've lost at only half the expected rate this month, I will prevail. I seem have one or two really slow months about every 20-30 pounds. Think I might try dropping my carbs again.

    Eating primal makes me feel AWESOME, from toe to brain wave. My focus and energy has increased and I love eating primal stuff (I really wish I could afford MOAR meat!) I eat this way because I want to live a long life--which may sound silly coming from a 24 year old, but 10 months ago I had a BMI of 40 and had no clue how old and run down I actually felt.

    Here's a before/now picture, just 'cause!


    Edit: wrong picture... whoops.
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    Welcome. I'm glad you are off to a great start.
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      Welcome! An amazing progress already


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        33 F / 5'9" / SW 333 / SPBW 264/ CW 264 / GW 175
        Began Primal 3/25/13 after Medifast

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          Thanks, everyone! I'll be glad to see you all around