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    Whew! I'm almost finished with day 2 of 100% Primal and although I feel great, I'm absolutely terrified I'm doing something wrong.

    I am just coming off of Medifast where I've managed to lose 70 pounds. I have a long history of obesity along with depression and bouts of emotional binge eating. I found the strict structure of the Medifast diet to work as I was so scared of falling off the wagon that I didn't allow myself any cheats. Over the last few months I've been learning and researching the Primal Blueprint and felt like it is a lifestyle that I'd want to carry out once I'd reached my goal weight. However, the more I read about soy and artificial sweeteners, the more I questioned if I Medifast and its quick weight loss was really worth it in the long term. So, after a lot of deliberation, I decided to make the switch and had my first full PB day yesterday.

    I still have at least 75 pounds that I'd like to lose, however I'm more focused on a desired dress size than a number on the scale. I've been reading tons of success stories on MDA Fridays as well as on the forums. They both motivate me and scare me. Some people seem to have had great success although I also see a lot where they weren't all that overweight to begin with - moreso just leaning up, which is awesome, but not exactly the encouragement I need to believe I can tackle 75+ pounds on this. I understand that weight loss is different for everyone and I most likely wont expect the 2-5 lb per week loss that I experienced with Medifast. On the flip side, I also don't want it taking another 2 years to get to my desired size. I've recently turned 33 and feel that I've wasted so much of my life allowing this weight to keep me from truly living that I just don't want to waste any more time fat and depressed.

    I know there is no exact number to stay at for optimal weight loss as it will vary between each individual, but I'm really struggling not having it written out in stone for me to follow because I'm used to following such strict guidelines on Medifast. I'm terrified of overwatng fats or proteins, or not taking in enough calories to support things. For instance today, I'm only at 1000 calories but I'm at 93g protein/42g carbs/41g fat and I'm not hungry for dinner. Is this ok if I don't eat anymore? Do I need to eat more? I think I'm a frantic mess wondering if I'm doing things right and if the scales will reward me next week.

    I guess what I'm looking for is some encouragement. I know there is no magic answer, just as there is no magic diet pill (trust me, I looked!) but any advice, encouragement or personal success story anyone can give me over the next few weeks would be wonderful.

    33yo F / 5'9" / SW 333 / CW 264 / GW 180??
    2 days Primal!
    33 F / 5'9" / SW 333 / SPBW 264/ CW 264 / GW 175
    Began Primal 3/25/13 after Medifast

    Primal Journal: ksubeks

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    My husband and I have switched to primal 4 weeks ago on Monday- he lost 13lbs and I have lost 10- in fact, I think he needs to slow down. I don't want to say this is effortless, but truly, for us, the weight loss aspect has been pretty much effortless.


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      If you're not hungry, it's okay not to eat, but 1000 calories might be hard for your body to get by on, in the long run. Just listen to your body and what it needs. It can take some time to adjust especially after something like Medifast, but real, whole foods will be good for your body, even if you do not lose fat immediately.
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