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    Hi all. I have been primal since August, and my husband is pretty supportive but he and my kids don't eat like I do. Most of the time, I can adjust our menu at home to meet all our needs/wants. We are headed to Disney World for the week and will be eating a lot of meals in the parks. I need some advice on snacks I can take with me and ideas for something other than salads twice a day!!!! I have apples and nuts for the car ride.

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    Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom. I was there in Feb and had their pot roast, but it had white potatoes.
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      Quality protein sources are the things that I find the hardest: Beef Jerky and boiled eggs? Tins of fish? Ham and Cheese?

      Then just add fruit and veges, with some nuts and chocolate mixed in there for fun.
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        Search this forum for "travel" and "snacks".
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