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New professional seeking a change in lifestyle.

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  • New professional seeking a change in lifestyle.

    Hello, my name is Zack and I'm a newly graduated professional thats just left my parent's house to start my career in the city. Now that I've left the nest finally I feel its time to really begin doing the things that interest me.

    Until recently I was a gamer, but I've lost interest. The video games and nerdy hobbies that used to occupy my time no longer seem to interest me. I find that more physical activities such as dancing and hiking seem to pique my interest, but I have a small problem: a lifetime as a gamer has left me with a small social circle and very little in the way of experience maintaining my body and finding new social circles to begin these new activities.

    I became interested in the Primal Lifestyle because I watched some videos with historian Tom Woods on youtube and listened to a radio podcast where he talked about the primal diet. I got Mark's book and I have to say that it hardly seems like a gimmick especially after seeing Tom Woods' results. Its not about weight loss; its about optimal gene expression.

    Since I have little experience with weight loss my plan is to hire a personal trainer in two weeks. I'll be asking for advice and what its going to be like with a personal trainer. Also, I work nights so I'll be interested in tips for those doing the Primal lifestyle and working nights (which doesn't sound very primal).

    My current stats are: 5'9" 195 lbs.
    Goals weight is 165 lbs.

    Help me look good in my dancing clothes. ;D
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    Hi Zack, I am new here too, I also need to lose about 30 pounds...I would suggest to look for crossfit before suscribing to a boring normal gym!


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      Hi! I'm quite a nerd myself, so I can relate to some of the problems ^^ (although I keep having my nerd hobbies, I just dedicate less time to them... )

      Hiking can be a wonderful way of being close to nature and meeting new people, just do a bit of research and try to find a hiking club of some sorts in your area. If your physical condition concerns you, you can start joining them at the easiest routes and then venturing to the londer/harder ones with time.

      Good luck with your new life style!