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  • Hey all


    Just started the primal diet/ life-style 4 days ago.
    Feeling better already.

    I used to rock climb a lot 10 years ago, but just fell out of it and a general physical lifestyle after college and working. While I maintain a general fitness, I am a computer programmer by trade, so spend a lot of time sitting. Anyway at the rock gym i quickly realized that my weight to strength ratio had changed quite a bit now that I am 33. I was chatting with a climber and we began talking about fitness and diet ( dude was single digit body fat and in good health ) and he mentioned Marks Daily Apple, and here I am

    Started a profile on fitday to track my calories and activities, and I am doing sprints / lower duration cardio / strength training with yoga and core activities. Weighing in at 215 now at 6'6" , hoping to get down to about 180, or at the very least obtain a strength to mass ratio that results in low body fat. Weight in it self is not the biggest issue.

    Anyway just saying howdy, thanks


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    Howdy! So, were you one of those crazy free-stylers who would hang on to a sheer rock-face by your fingertips while casually munching a sandwich with the other hand?


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      Maybe along time ago, but hope to be that way soon again

      I just had a salad comprised of:

      Sliced red cabbage, spinach, dill, shredded carrots, cucumber,red onion, avocado with fig/olive oil /balsamic
      With a sautéed Chorizo with jalapeno for lunch



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        Hey. I miss climbing. My wife and I were one season into our climbing careers when her car got stolen along with all our gear. Shortly after we had our fist child and never got back into it...that was five years ago. Our kids are old enough now that we hope to get back into a bit of top roping this summer or next. Maybe some bouldering now that I am not a 210lb 5'-9" body builder...I was too damn heavy!
        My photography:


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          Nice man

          Yeah I am mostly bouldering at the gym.
          Cannot wait to stop dropping pounds and conditioning.

          I had my gear swiped before along time ago.
          Sad to see all your ropes and cams disappear

          Cool blog btw!


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            Well 7 days in, feel fantastic!
            No grains at all and no desire for them oddly enough

            I do have whole raw yogurt with berries for a snack or breakfast occasionally, but it is only like 5 tablespoons of yogurt with cinnamon and fruit