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    I just joined the forum and as i am currently in about week 4ish of the Low Carb / high fat & No Grain Lifestyle i am very impressed with my results (10 pounds & 4% body fat in 4 weeks). Have been pretty much low carb/high protein for a couple of years using mostly beans & vegies with very limited grain intake and just seem to stall out on the last 10 to 15 pounds desired gone.

    Also just had my yearly physical and Lipids / Blood Sugar was pretty good but I just got the results of my Calcium Heart CT Scan with calcium accumulation in 1 coronary artery and the Dr. wants to go down the Statin road..
    Didn’t see any posts on this and I suppose this is as good as any way to say HELLO

    Back Ground
    53 year old Male
    I have been on daily aspirin (325mg) for years and more or less been on a carb restricted diet for a couple of years. About 4 weeks ago started a Very low Carb routine (less than 50gm / day) increasing protein & fat intake. Dropped ALL grains & stopped using beans as my carb source. Yes I do have the Primal Blue Print as well as several other books on Low Carb Eating.

    Results from recent physical BP was 116/65, HR was 62 bpm,
    TG level was 86, HDL 36 & Calculated LDL 92 Calculated, Total Cholesterol 128
    Fasting Glucose was 98 (always my highest reading) and my A1C reading was 5.0 (same as last year in spite of being way off of my eating routine since last Thanksgiving). My normal average daily glucose levels maintain in the 80 to 90 range.

    According the research I have been gathering the LDL levels can be fairly inaccurate and a better marker is to compare the TG/HDL value with 3.5 being the line between Pattern A(light and buoyant) & B(small & dense) LDL particles and I am at 2.5 which puts me in the preferred Pattern A LDL…

    With my already LOW HDL & my existing fasting glucose levels I am predisposed to Type II Diabetes, I am not to thrilled about starting a Statin drug that has the probability of lowering my existing HDL & raising my insulin resistance even more. I plan to continue with my current eating routine at 35% Protein, 60% Fats & 5% Carbs which will likely cause my GP to think i have slipped off the reservation.

    Now for My Question is there anything diet or exercise that will reduce the existing calcium buildup in my coronary arteries?
    Thanks for your ideas

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