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  • Pregnancy and paleo

    I need to lose 50 pounds to be in the high end of normal weight. I do not plan to lose all of that during pregnancy, but wouldn't mind losing some or at least maintaining. What are some thoughts on this? Btw, I've been on the board before but it has bee awhile. Thanks for any advice. Btw, I'm 41 yrs old, if that matters and I don't have ny known health issues other than weight.

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    Ugh! I meant the title to say pregnancy and primal. I was doing some research and reading something about paleo before posting so had that on the brain.


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      Thank you. Anyone else have some thoughts one the safety of losing weight on primal diet during pregnancy. I'm 41 and 50 pounds overweight. I'm very afraid I'll get gestational diabetes.


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        It is not so recommended to go on a weight loss diet when you are pregnant because you should supply your body with everything he needs (even in excess) and take care of the baby.

        Eventually you can stay at your weight until you give birth after which you can start a weight loss diet.
        I am not a bodybuilding/fat loss/strength training "guru" BUT I achieved a lean state with ease after learning the correct way to train and eat and I want to HELP YOU achieve the same.

        Getting fit is also about managing your mindset:


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          Are you pregnant right now Angelique? How many weeks?

          The thing is, your body doesn't really want to be losing weight during pregnancy and it will come off easily enough when the baby arrives and you continue to eat Paleo/Primal.

          How long have you been following a Primal diet?


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            No, I'm not pregnant yet, but hoping to become soon. I've lost 22 pounds over the last 4-5 months doing primal/low carb, but would ideally like to lose 45 more lbs. My husband is having a vasectomy reversal in a few weeks. We can start trying the middle of may. So I'm going to work really hard to lose the weight before then. I read conflicting info about losing weight/maintaining weight during pregnancy. If I did lose or maintain, I wouldn't be trying to knock myself out to do it just eat very very healthfully and keep the carbs down. My goal is simply to do what is best for baby, and not risk complications due to gestational diabetes. But don't want to cause other problems either! Thoughts?


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              Hmmm I'm not medically qualified so can only say what I would do in your situation.

              Is there a reason you, say, couldn't wait until September or December to starting trying? Get yourself to where you want to be before TTC?

              I'm not judging, I've been there and I know the feeling of wanting to try now.

              I would continue eating primal, I suspect you'll continue to lose weight in pregnancy and if you're avoiding grains and refined sugar you have a good chance of avoiding GD anyway (although google Henci Goer Gestational Diabetes for another perspective on that).

              I think part of the reason it's not advised to lose lots of weight when pregnant or nursing is due to the release of toxins stored in fat. You don't want to be putting that in your baby's developing body.

              The ideal really would be to wait until you were at your healthy weight. How would you feel about that?


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                Since you aren't pregnant right now I'd say keep doing what you're doing to lose weight, but do not do any intermittent fasting (can have a bad effect on fertility), and take a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement. On one hand weightloss can help your fertility, especially if you have PCOS, but on the other you need proper nourishment if you're planning on becoming pregnant. Luckily Primal focues on nutrient rich foods, and a supplement will help ensure there aren't any gaps.

                Once you're pregnant, just focus on eating healthy food. If some weightloss happens it happens as long as the OB doesn't think it's a problem for the baby. However, if it doesn't happen don't worry about it. Pregnancy isn't really a time to watch the scale even if you're already overweight, but it's a perfect time to adopt good eating habits and if they're already second nature to you once you have the baby, it should make it easier to start losing again.
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                  I would focus on getting your body as strong as possible to prepare for the pregnancy. Do you lift weights at all? Starting a routine now could make it so you can continue until at least mid pregnancy, which could help minimize your weight gain. You do not want to try to lose weight while pregnant, but some doctors do suggest only gaining 10-15lbs for those already overweight. I was overweight with both children before getting pregnant (175-180 @5'3") and gained 50lbs with both! I wasn't eating primal then though. But, I am now below that weight thanks to breastfeeding and lifting weights. While pregnant you should not restrict carbs, but it's fine to just eat as healthy as possible to appetite.

                  Good luck! You have 2 months to work on you before you can even start trying, so use this time to its fullest and keep working until that second line comes.


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                    Ilythia, thank you for your thoughtful reply. Ideally, waiting is best. I guess I'm anxious because of my age. I'll be 42 this year. I worry getting pregnant may take time so might as well get started. Lol. Of course, it may take awhile to get pregnant anyway and I would continue to lose. You've given me some things to think about. I'll go read about gd like u suggested. Thx.


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                      Well then you know what I would just go for it. Millions of woman go through their pregnancies living on carbs and refined sugar and not much good food.

                      Continue eating primal but be careful with milk if you think you might be at risk of GD and look at unsweetened yogurt, cream & cheese instead.

                      There's nothing like running around after children to help shift the last few pounds anyway - worry about that later 😊

                      Are you having foods like organ meats and bone broth? I'm waiting for a book to arrive on healthy pregnancy and traditional foods. I'll find a link but it looks worth reading.

                      And my last tip - have you looked at websites like fertility friend? They have an app too. Makes it so much easier to get pregnant. Combine their fertility tracking with OPKs, nutrient dense food, some exercise and you're giving yourself the best chance of getting pregnant soon.

                      Will look out for your news 😉


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                          S-piper, thanks for the support. I think you are right about just keeping on doing what I'm doing. I agree about the fasting and haven't really done it anyway. I am taking prenatal vitamins already. Keep losing weight until becoming pregnant and then increasing carbs with primal foods such as sweet potatoes and such. If I lose the I lose, but don't make a concentrated effort to lose. Thx.


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                            Teach2183, thanks for the support. I have been exercising , but not lifting weights. Good idea. Thx so much.


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                              Ilythia, thanks for all the suggestions. I have been doing some bone broth, but not organ meats. I haven't gotten that hard core yet. do you have any organ meat suggestions?

                              I'll check out fertility friend. My doctor sent me to the Catholic Church to learn the creighton model system of charting my cycles. I'm not catholic, but she feels it is a great method for achieving pregnancy and also avoiding it. The entire system is based on checking and recording information about your mucus. Tmi? It is certainly interesting, but also a bit tedious!

                              Thanks for the book suggestion. I'll check it out.